Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year in Review: ありがとう 2017

It's the time of the year again! Always write this post on the last day of each year, very last minute to be exact. I don't really want to say this year is the best because I somehow feel like I achieve less this year. But some BEST THINGS did happen to me and I am very, very grateful. Well, there is no artwork for this year's post, just 2017 best nine of my Instagram posts. Overall, you can see the best things happened to me in 2017 from that one pic: solo trip to my dream country, Japan. Went crazy by dying my whole hair into purple-pink and finally went back to dark hair. Now, let's talk more about those highlights below!
1. Solo Trip to Japan
Hands down to my biggest and best decision I've ever made: solo traveling to Japan after those years wishing, waiting, and crying. I'm not from a rich family and going to Japan seemed so impossible to me. I really thankful that I have this stubborn heart when I want something. I didn't want to give up to the circumstance and did nothing nor depending on others because I realized nobody can make my dreams come true but me. People asked me why I'm so brave to go to Japan all by myself, and I actually could easily answer that. I always love Japan so much and when I can make it happen, why do I have to wait for others to accompany me? I didn't want to wait for other people and ended up postponing my chance. Because at that one point, I suddenly realized that my timing to visit Japan had finally come. There are a lot of things that made me think like that, believe it or not. In the end, it was the best decision I've ever made. I could enjoy Japan to the fullest because I went there alone. I could have some time to think a lot, about what I want, and that maybe my crazy dreams are not really crazy after all. And finally, my goal to write about Japan travel in this blog can be achieved. Although still have so many posts queuing, hahaha. Let's wish for more trips coming!

2. Senpai Noticed Me (lol)
....well, I actually thinking to write this point or not, hahaha. Maybe I'm being weird and extra and anything you call it, but it's okay to tell you what I actually feel, right? I've been following some people since forever because we all have similarities- love Japan. I'm not the type of person who begging for "follow back" so I was so excited to be finally getting noticed by them and they followed me back. Maybe sounds exaggerating but it actually means a lot. First, @rainbowholic followed me just before my trip to Japan. I still remembered how I freaked out at the train station (lol) and messaged her to thank her (omg what did I do...) I was thinking whether to ask her to meet up or not, but sadly it turned out we couldn't meet there because her parent also went to Japan at the same time. Then, after my trip, my photos were featured on @japanloverme and @gogirlmagz, and suddenly @jessyamada followed me. LIKE WHAT?! She said she saw my Japan photos and love it. Cryyy. She is one of my favorite blogger who loves Japan too. And she loves One Piece also. Lastly, I also just realized @cominica also followed me back months ago (not that long actually). They're all Japan lover bloggers who I look up to tho :")

3. Write More Travel Posts, Especially JAPAN
Yes, I finally write some Japan travel posts: tips and tricks, preparation, guide, things to do etc. which you can check from this complete list. You can also check my others travel posts by clicking this category: travel. While writing these travel posts, I realized how much I love doing it. I also wrote some on past years, but I can say I improved a lot this year. Rather than just blabbering about how I feel about certain places, I also tell you how to get there, what to do there, and some useful info about those places now. 

4. Being A Talent for All Things Hair Indonesia
I got a DM from them, asked me to join a casting for All Things Hair Indonesia. I was always so afraid of this kind of things and usually just answered "no", but not this time. I decided to give it a try although I felt uncomfortable to step out of my comfort zone. I'm afraid to be in front of camera because I have so many insecurities T.T But I also want to make myself proud so I just said "yes". Who knows, I even passed the casting and chosen as one of the talent............ Ha! I think the video haven't published yet tho. Ah, one of the reason I went back to dark hair is for this shoot. They wanted me to dyed my hair into black/brown color and after gave it some thoughts, I decided to dye it. I can always dye my hair into pink or any color anytime but I can't always get that kind of opportunity, right? Good job, self :))

5. My Style Transformation
Hmm, not that much but I did change a lot this year, personal style wise. As I said on one of my Instagram post, my styling game has changed. I used to be hold back and wear just enough because I was afraid it'd be too much. I could actually give my 100% but instead I decided just give 80-90% I love head thingy like hats, bandana, headband but didn't really wear it because people would give me the weird look. Actually, (again) thanks to my Japan trip this year, I saw a lot of stylish people in Tokyo (especially Harajuku area) and gained my confidence. It's okay to be different. I am better in expressing myself through my personal style now. Also, people (and fellow bloggers) told me that my style is unique, quirky, one of a kind, or just "so-you", and I'm really thankful for that.

6. More Self-Love
Oh, well. I did the same terrible thing last year, won't call it a mistake tho. Or is it? When I got a chance to get over it, why I was faced to the same things? I was afraid and defensive at the beginning, but sometimes going with the flow could really kill you, you know hahaha. Thankfully, I've had this feeling about everything that happened so it didn't really surprised me after all. And it was me who decided to stop because it's not worth it at all and I was just wasting my time, and self-value. In the end, it was just my fault for being too stupid. I also started to approve myself with all the flaws. Trying to stop thinking about my insecurities and not following the "standard", and think I'm unique and it's okay to be different instead. 

7. My Blog's Growth
This year, I got more beauty event invitations, collaboration posts, product review, and some projects for #BigDreamerBlog and I really grateful for that. Looking forward for more opportunities to come next year! I also feel like this blog has improved so much from years ago and I'm so proud. I will keep writing about things I love here. 8 years since I started a blog and still counting :)
I think that's all for this year. Tomorrow is the fresh start and I'm planning to be more productive and "crazy" in 2018 so I can unlock another dreams. Also be more positive and can calm my chaos mind about somethings I keep thinking these days. Jaa, Happy New Year!!!


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