Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review: さようなら 2013

 Holla! A few hours to 2014, are you ready? Hehee 2013 has been a tough year yet awesome for me. A lot of things happened and some of them make me believe (really believe) that DREAMS DO COME TRUE babe :)
When I mentioned "tough", it's just actually about my study especially this semester. No serious problems...I just realized it hahaha :p Maybe it's because I have no drama with...'love'? My friends seem like so frustated because of it. I just keep admiring 2D boys and KPOP boyband- L.Joe, C.A.P, Woo Bin, Jong Suk, Jun Hyung, Hyuk, Ravi, blablabla- they're just too perfect :3 
So, if I look back, 2013 is an awesome year! I really mean it :D Here are the highlights of 2013 yuhuuu~
Really! THIS IS REALLY DREAM CAME TRUE OMG! I've been loved Super Junior since junior high school and after 7 years I saw them. In. Front. Of. My. Eyes. EUN HYUK! KANG IN! I thought I won't scream like other fan firl do but...WHATEVERRRR!! KYAAAK! I was super in love with Teen Top that time so maybe you can imagine how excited I was hahaha. I SAW L.JOE for God's sake! I'm so lucky because I love most of the boy/girlbands that came! That is really best thing happened to me in 2013. 

Another dream came true :) I'm featured in Gogirl! magazine, one of fashion magazines in Indonesia. I thought I won't be featured because I didn't get an email reply from them. My friend told me and I was so surprised and happy...and proud. At least (some of) my friends won't underestimate my passion in fashion anymore hehehe :p

I always want my artwork for being featured, or applied on other media like phone case, tote bag, tee, etc. Because of my busy schedule for university, I couldn't make it come true. One day I saw some artist's design on Merrygorounds and I like "Ah, I also want to be like them, how they make it? Is it Merrygorounds' owner that contact them or what?" then I just forgot it. One Sunday morning, I got comment on my instagram from Merrygorounds that offered me to be an artist for their upcoming website. I was reallyyyyy happy! Thank you for the opportunity really! :")

Life is good! I wish you a happy new year and 2014 will be more awesome year for all of us! xx

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Holla!! Happy (late) Christmas! I'm on holiday and have no internet connection as usual TvT I just got wifi at Pizza Hut and lucky I bring my lappy :3 My aunt and cousin are here, so we go out everyday and it means I also have some outfit posts queuing. Please stay tuned! :))
This is not really holiday because I still have to do my final assignments *sob* I wish time pass a little faster until I finish this semester. Please! And about my outfit, it's just a simple outfit because I went to ITC Mangga Dua and got some new hauls. We also went to MKG at night to picked my another aunt up. I just wore the black tee to the ITC and put the Bart Simpson shirt when I went to Mall. It's raining outside and I couldn't take proper outfit photos, that's why the photo spot here are so random :p 
Jaa, see you on the next post! I AM EATING PIZZA NOW GUYS!

Friday, December 20, 2013


Christmas is coming and why don't you buy this cute smartphone case? Hehe :p
It's my design and I actually love the tile one. I think I want to order one for myself!
This can be a perfect Christmas gift for your best friend or girlfriend or...sister ? I don't celebrate Christmas but I do love Christmas!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 non-no // 2013 ノン-ノ

Free booklets, One of them is at my home so I don't post the photo here~
This year's freebies: Lowrys Farm totebag (never use it); Little Twin Stars pouch (for camera's charger); Nice Claup totebag (perfect for my laptop); earth wallet (daily use); Lowrys Farm x non.no tights :)
Ah, so here is where my money go :')
Hi there! Happy Sunday :)
Time flies so fast, one year almost pass again. (thinking so long, dunno what to type...)....................
So, maybe you know I love japanese style and I love japanese magazine like so so much. I've bought nonno since 2011, and subscribed it started from 2012 until now. I love this magazine because the style suits me perfectly and the lovely freebies make it worth to buy. IDK why this year there were only some editions that came with freebies. Because the price is not cheap in Indonesia, I decided to stop subscribing although I actually really love this magazine.
I bought these magazines because of the freebies, but then it also becomes my inspiration for styling and drawing so I keep buying them. Uni is really busy right now, so I have a little time to enjoy myself. I seldom do blogging, I bought the magazines, leave it at the bookshelf and have no time to read them (okay I actually can't read). I even don't draw outfit illustration lately *blamegroupassignments* *blameindividualassignments* *crying* Nah sorry for nagging hehee :p
Anyway next week (tomorrow) is the last week of Semester 5, 3 weeks holiday (it's not holiday actually I got soooo many assignments!!! T_T), and the final exam on January. Wish me luck. I must survive 'till the end~~ I hope I can post outfit post soon :D Bye!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sometimes You Need to Step Outside

Varsity- online store*forget* // Tee- Juizy Woozy // Shorts- Bugis Singapore // Wedge Sneakers- GOSH
"Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head, 
and remind yourself of who you are and where you wanna be."

I should've stayed at kosan and finish my assignments, but what did I do? Go home and forget everything. I'm so stressed because there are a lot of group work and I'm really bad in time management. I can't do anything when I'm tired (or sleepy or hungry) so I think I pushed myself too hard when I didn't sleep to finish an assignment with my friends. After class, I slept from 12 a.m to 10 p.m and I didn't eat all day long. And then I decided to go home, finished some works and then did nothing, slept early and woke up late, went to Plaza Senayan to get my Non.no and took outfit photos (and then raining!), then Taman Anggrek Mall because Uniqlo was just opened there and got myself a new varsity jacket yeay.
Me a few years ago won't wear outfit like this, because I was still in Pontianak and I wasn't confident enough to wear something like this. Did I ever mention that I once wanted to be a model? Hahaha :p I'm on the way to express myself better and try to ignore bad words from people. I was so upset because I don't have petite or skinny body like other girls have, big arms and legs, and some people say: muscle. Now when I think about it, I don't really care anymore. I am who I am. I do what I love.

A Pair of Special Shoes

"A pair of good special shoes will bring you to good places."
I'm a shoes lover and I think almost all of girls love shoes, right? I'm actually not a fan of high heels but when I saw these shoes I just can't resist! They're all so beautiful and you even can choose your own color!
Do you ever own a pair of shoes with special words in the sole before? Or do you want to customize your shoes with your favorite color? Let me introduce Sachlirene to you! :)
Sachlirene is a shoes brand that ships worldwide and it gives you 4 reasons to love it:
1. Wondersole
This is one of Sachlirene's shoes signature: Wondersole. You'll get a very special words from Sachlirene when you order a pair of shoes, and you won't know what it is until you open the package! Surprised! Hehee :p

2. Choose My Color
Another special feature: You can choose your favorite shoe color :D Sometimes we don't buy shoes because we don't like the color, so you can mix and match the color that suits your preference here. And yey you own a very special shoes with your favorite color!
3. Size Guide
This is a very important part when you buy shoes online: the size. Some people don't like to buy shoes online because they afraid the size won't fit, but don't worry because Sachlirene will help you with this! Here is the very clear size guide to help you know your shoes size:
Just simply follow the procedure and you will get the right size for your shoes :)
4. Easy Payment
Sachlirene offers you a comfortable way to pay. Indonesia customers can pay in both USD or IDR and you also can complete the payment via paypal or bank transfer.

So, interested no? Just visit their website now! :) Ah, Sachlirene has a lot of shoes collection, such as heels, platform, flats, wedges, sandals, etc. These are my 2 favorite shoes xD
For more info and shoes model, visit Sachlirene Indonesia or Sachlirene then choose your country.
Instagram: @sachlirene_id // Facebook: www.facebook.com/sachlirene.id

Happy Shopping!! :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Robot Blink Tee- Mom gave me // Skirt- unbranded // Bag- Agnes b. // Loafers- Planet Surf
I love the wall (?) decorations in Lotte Shopping Avenue! Can't stand to take photos with them. Anyway, I finally own a pair of spikey shoes, my dad bought me the shoes. It hurts and I must put band-aid first to wear this but no regret hahaha. I think this is the last outfit post I can show you because I'm busy again with my university life right now. Group work everyday, until late night and also personal works, ah some projects too. Feel so sorry because I keep people waiting :( I can't wait until Christmas holiday! (but hey, final exam after the holiday T_T)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

And Those Who Matter Don't Mind

Snapback- Fangs House // Shirt Dress- New Look // Jacket- Mr.Freddy // Satchel- TLTSN // Socks- Artbox // Creepers- Gosh
“Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter,
and those who matter don't mind.” 

Hello again! It's an outfit post with the cutest jacket I've ever had! Hehehe. I also found my new favorite spot to take outfit photos: Lotte Shopping Avenue! I wish I could go there anytime but college is (super) busy again and I don't think I can take outfit photos, because you know my daily outfit is always tee/hoodie and pants, so dull huh :)) So...prepare for doodle and drawing related post! Gotta sleep now, jaa ne!

*thanks to my mom and bro for taking these photos x)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Don't Grow Up, it's a Trap

don't grow up it's a trap outfit | japobsganbare.blogspot.co.id
don't grow up it's a trap outfit back | japobsganbare.blogspot.co.id
don't grow up it's a trap outfit full | japobsganbare.blogspot.co.id
Tee- Giordano // Skort- Bugis Singapore // Sneakers- Converse // Backpack- Jansport // Cap- Artbox
A little girl played with bubble, me took advantage of it hahaha :3
don't grow up it's a trap fun outfit | japobsganbare.blogspot.co.id
I went to Ancol 2 weeks ago. I actually went to mangga dua to fix my broken laptop, then went to ITC while waiting my laptop fixed. My mom met her friends at Bandar Djakarta, so I also wanted to go there to take my (simple) outfit photos and eat seafood~~~
Anyway, this semester is really tough, I have a lot of assignments and projects. I'll do my best, I always do my best, but you know sometimes your hard work is just not enough to get good result. I was so down because my midterm test was not as smooth as last semesters. I worked so hard and even sick for a few days, and when I saw my score I just...frustated and cried hahaha. I'm fool enough to cry over small things but I was just so upset. After that I knew what was I lack of, so I'm okay now. I've done my best, I just need to work harder, and smarter I think. Being too serious in academics and too perfectionist really killing me sometimes :p
My confidence is somehow increasing now, life is too short to mind other people's (bad) words and not doing things you really love. My mom's photography skill is not too bad, huh? Although she just press the shutter button hahaha. 
Ah meet my lil brother! Partner in crime for manga and food (and photographer too:p)! Jaa ne!

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