Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fashion Heaven, Grand Indonesia

Shopaholic put your hands up!! What I'm gonna talk about this time is SHOPPING! People say "Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist." Nowadays we can shop anywhere we want, directly at the stores or if we're too lazy to step out of your house we can shop online. I personally prefer go out and shop directly at the store because I can try them on. Now the problem is, where to shop? There are a lot of fashion tenants in Indonesia these days, from local brands to international brands like Zara, Forever21, and H&M. What I'm gonna say is, isn't it perfect if you can find all of them in one place, so you can spend your day shopping at your favorite stores without moving from one place to another? It's like a FASHION HEAVEN! Really, you can find almost EVERYTHING here! It's GRAND INDONESIA, located on a strategic location in Jakarta, Grand Indonesia is a spacious mall divided into East Mall and West Mall. In my opinion, Grand Indonesia is the biggest shopping mall in town! Enough of words, let's start the "tour"!
Photo courtesy of Grand Indonesia FB page
H&M is the most happening fashion tenant in Indonesia right now, I think? When I went to Grand Indonesia, I saw a lot of people bringing H&M shopping bag with them. H&M in Grand Indonesia is the biggest one among the other two in Indonesia (3.900 m2), I mean it's really big! This is the flagship store, and it's even the biggest in Southeast Asia. It provides woman, man, to kid clothing, shoes, bags, accessories etc. that is divided into 2 floors. H&M Grand Indonesia located on the East Mall, you'll find it easily. I personally really excited when H&M finally opened in Indonesia, because they sell affordable cool clothes with good quality! And just imagine how fun to shop in a big store like this! Try it yourself guys :)

Here is another favorite brand, Forever 21! It's located on the West Mall. Just like H&M, Forever 21 divided into 2 floors and spacious store with a lot of stylish and also affordable clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. I didn't take any photos inside the store, but you can see it on my video below! You're looking for hot items like crop top, jackets, and jumper? Forever21 is the heaven! This is another option for you to enjoy shopping fashionable clothes with affordable price :) Honestly, I seldom shop at another shops. I used to shop at Forever21 before H&M came to Indonesia.

Next stop is Zara! I know most of you know this brand, right? I can see a lot of fashion bloggers, and my friends too, at least own a piece of Zara clothing. I only have a pants from Zara, and it's also a present from my sister so I never shop here, hehe. No, it's not because I don't like it, it's just.....somehow too expensive for me and not really my style. I just love rebel style, you know :p Zara located on the East Mall 1st floor. It's also a big store, so make sure you stop by here!

Sorry to disappoint you, but Topshop and Topman are restyled :( I really want to show you the store, since I know Topshop/Topman is lovable brand for fashionista. But no worry, it must be a really good store after restyled, they just want to make it more enjoyable to shop! I'm looking forward for the change, Topshop/Topman! :))

 Cotton On is a fashion retail from Australia. Cotton On has opened almost 1200 stores in 12 countries. This brand is new for me, I will definitely shop here! The clothes are mostly simple but still fashionable, and it's affordable too. It's located on West Mall, above Forever 21. You can peek into the store on my video!

Giordano is mostly selling basic clothes and it's also have a big store in Grand Indonesia. See those bloggers on display? I also want to be like them someday, can I? Hahahaa :p

Pull and Bear also offers you fashionable clothes for man and woman, and it also has 2 floors. Pull and Bear located on East Mall, near the Zara.

Sale on Dorothy Perkins! Too bad I didn't have plan to shop :( Anyway, do you want shopping voucher from Dorothy Perkins? You can win it by joining the styling competition they held. Spend it in Dorothy Perkins Grand Indonesia if you win :p

 Seibu is a department store where you can find various products and brands. It located on the West Mall, from the G floor, UG, 1st, and 2nd floor to satisfy your shopping desire!

You can also find: 

Okayyy, let's continue our tour to shoes stores! "A shoe has so much more offer than just a walk." A pair of nice shoes sure can make you more fashionable. And again, Grand Indonesia is a perfect place to hunt new shoes!

Dr. Martens is a British footwear, especially boots. Dr. Martens is like a-really-must-have-footwear for fashionista, included me! I need to save money if I want to buy it. I hope I'm lucky enough to have someone buy it for me, lol This is another reason why I say Grand Indonesia is a fashion heaven! You can only find Dr. Martens flagship store in Grand Indonesia! It located on the East Mall, 2nd floor.

Wakai is a Japanese brand that offers canvas shoes and also clothing. The shoes are really comfortable, and of course with unique and stylish design.

You have sporty style? Vans is definitely the answer! Actually not just sporty style, their shoes come out really well with any style. Wearing dress with a vans shoes is cool!

Don't forget to visit these stores too :)
These stores are just a little part of Grand Indonesia Fashion Heaven family, you really need to visit it by yourself so you can experience it yourself. I'm not taking responsibility if you're addicted! Hahaha
Anyway, you can find a lot of things to eat when you're tired of shopping. It also comes with some unique themes, like China Town, LA, etc. You can find almost everything in Grand Indonesia. Just give you tips, you can go to East Mall/West mall by passing "Food Lover" on the 3rd floor. There are a lot of food stalls from Indonesian food, Japanese food, Korean food, etc etc. You can fill up your energy before continue to shop!

To know more, you can watch my video below :)

This is what I wore to Grand Indonesia last Sunday. Grand Indonesia also a nice place to take photos! Brace yourself :))
Blazer and shoes are both from Forever21!
I hope this post can help you guys, especially fashionista and shopaholic, to find a perfect place to shop. You can also find another posts related to Grand Indonesia on my blog here, here, here, and here. For my foreign readers, make sure you visit Grand Indonesia if you come to Indonesia! :)

Grand Indonesia
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
(021) 2358 7000

Friday, April 25, 2014

Blogger Illustration: Visa Lom

Here is my latest #bloggerillustration! She is Visa Lom from 1finedai . I found her blog on Lookbook and love it once I saw it! I love her simple but stunning style :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Jumper- Giordano // Shorts- Bugis // Backpack- Jansport // Wedge Sneakers- GOSH
I need to refresh my mind because I thought I'd quit blogging. Haha!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Yoo! Finally an outfit post here! This is actually what I wore a few weeks ago. I just went out to eat some sushi, so I just wore something simple. Another reason is because I brought my laptop with me because I had to back to Serpong. It's so heavy bringing laptop and DSLR in your backpack, fyi.
I'm a sucker of jacket and this one is my favorite varsity so far, although I don't really wear it because of the hot weather. Anyway, I got this new kicks from my Dad. Early birthday present, and scholarship gift? Hahaha whatever I'm happy (●´∀`●)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beautiful Smile, Smile Brilliant!

Hello! I'm back! How's your day? :) I hope you guys have a nice day!

What I'm writing right now is..........SMILE! It doesn't matter how hard your day is, don't forget to smile. Everyday may not be good, but there's something good about everyday, isn't it? This is a note for me too, because I'm a moody person and a little thing can affect my mood, whole day.
I found a quote, "Use your smile to change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." Okay, don't let it change your smile, but let Smile Brilliant change your smile!

Smile Brilliant is a dental lab that provides teeth whitening, and it designed to help the customers to get white teeth, without visiting the dentist. So, it's really convenient for you with tight schedule and have no time to visit the dentist, because you can have white and beautiful teeth directly from your home. They also provides professional products and service, with the price 70% less than your dentist. You can simply order it on Smile Brilliant website and it will delivered to you within 2-3 business days.

Products provided:

This is a product from Smile Brilliant that custom fitted to fit to your teeth with precision. 

This product is Smile Brilliant's proprietary "sticky gel" formula that ensures distribution and adhesion during teeth whitening with high quality. 

Smile Brilliant also provides product with affordable price. This LED teeth whitening is a perfect choice for you who are on a budget. 

This product offers convenience and you can take it anywhere! Just simply twist the bottom of this pen to release the whitening gel. It's also simple to use without mess.

Having problem with your sensitive teeth? Don't let it stop you to get beautiful teeth! Smile Brilliant also provides you whitening gel for sensitive teeth.

Go get your beautiful smile from Smile Brilliant! They ship worldwide :)

Smile Brilliant
Instagram: smilebrilliant
Facebook: SmileBrilliant
Twitter: @SBwhitening

Monday, April 7, 2014

BTS(방탄소년단) - Just One Day(하루만)

I'm really sorry for the lack of new post. I think you're also bored already with my reason: busy, bunch of assignments, blablabla. I'm having mid term exam now, so yeah.... But I just can't stand not to share this! This MV was just released and it makes me love the song more and more. I think some of you already know I'm a (big) fan of KPOP, for you who haven't known....sorry I'M FANGIRL-ING RIGHT NOW! :)) I love the change of BTS' image in this MV and V's voice = eargasm (。♥‿♥。)

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