Monday, November 28, 2016

Black Overall Dress and Doodle Wide Brim Hat

Holla! It's an outfit post today :) Remember my event report about Mukka Cosmetics? This is what I wore to that event and one of my favorite outfit. Scroll to read more!
Tee, Overall dress- Unbranded // Sneakers- Reebok // Backpack- Zara // Wide brim hat- Gabriella Olivia
Black overall dress doodle wide brim hat outfit back |
I was working and asked a permission to attend this event, so I went there straight from the office. I brought a better clothes to change, in case you're wondering. I don't wear something like this to work, haha.
Black overall dress doodle wide brim hat outfit |
Most of the items in this outfit are unbranded: My mom bought me this Daisy Duck tee from bazaar, I bought this overall dress at Mangga Dua (after long consideration and finally decided that I must have it). I always want to own a hat like this and finally got it from Gabriella Olivia at a blogger bazaar. Also wearing my most-comfortable-ever sneakers from Reebok and the usual black backpack. I don't know why but I feel like I look girly here; it's somehow because of my hat, hair, or makeup :)) What do you think about this look? Do you prefer me in girly or boyish outfit?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Review: Ka'Fen Snail Restore Shampoo

Hi, dreamers. Instead of outfit post or fashion post, I'm gonna write a review post today. As you know, I bleached and dyed my hair which made my hair became so dry dan kinda damaged. Long story short, Clozette Indonesia sent me this Ka'Fen Shampoo to try and do a review.
About the product:
Ka'Fen was created in 2010 and well known for their dimethicone-free hair products. FYI, dimethicone is kind of silicon oil, usually being used in most shampoo to give smooth look to your hair after one wash. It actually can cause irritation to your scalp. So, in other words, this best seller shampoo in Taiwan will make your hair look smooth on the outside and nourishes it from the inside.
The one I got is Ka'Fen Snail Restore Shampoo, which is the first step in breaking the cycle of dry and damaged hair. As you can read on the product description: It's formulated with Ka'Fen moisture-controlling technology to repair the protective layer on dry or damaged hair and it reduces hair's porosity by 90%. This product also increases hair's resistance to breakage by up to 800% while healing, protecting, and preventing further damage. This shampoo is safe for any type of hair, even color and chemically-treated hair. Plus, it will fix your damaged hair.
The texture of this shampoo is creamy but kinda runny and has a nice flowery scent. It doesn't produce too much foam but surely can cleanse your hair and scalp from dirt and sebum well.

How to use:
Just as usual, pump it once or twice and apply to your hair. Massage your hair into lather and rinse it well.

I just tried this shampoo for once and intentionally didn't use any conditioner to focus on this shampoo result. I have very dry hair due to bleach and I can't wash my hair without applying conditioner because it will become so rough and hard to maintain. 
As you can see, it cleansed my hair from sebum and look not as rough as before even without applying any conditioner or hair serum. When I use another shampoo (without conditioner), my hair will look so dry and rough I can't even comb it. I hope my hair will be better after regular use!

P.S.: I changed my hair color, will write a post soon! ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blue Gingham Dress and Blogging Workshop

Hi, it's been awhile! Being a sleepyhead with busy life is hard ;p I will update you with outfit post, it's my #OOTD for a blogging workshop and talk show held by Some of the guest speakers are Cindy Karmoko, Jovi Adhiguna Hunter, Diana Rikasari, Elle Yamada, and much more. I was really looking forward to see Diana Rikasari that day. Read on!
I took photos in front of the photo booth because it looks cute and yeah, because we all want to be a blogging superstar, don't we? Anyway, I won't write about how was the talkshows and workshop going because I focus on my outfit here. I enjoyed it too much that I didn't even think about taking photos.
Went there with Stevie and met a new blogger fella; Ghina
I've been adoring Diana Rikasari since I started blogging back in high school and I finally got a chance to meet her in person ♥

I wore a blue gingham dress that day. I paired it with bomber jacket and white sneakers. This dress actually looks better without any outerwear because of its cutting. I wish I could be more confident wearing sleeveless clothes. That bomber jacket helped me actually, the room where the talk show was held was super cold. Anyway, I got this dress with very cheap price, only IDR 100k or around $7.5!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Vintage Rooster Dress

vintage rooster dress bigdreamerblog |
I'm back with new outfit post! This time I'm wearing a vintage dress from, they sell vintage dresses with high quality and affordable price. Scroll for more details!
vintage rooster dress outfit |
vintage rooster dress outfit full |
Vintage Rooster Dress- // Denim Jacket- Giordano // Sneakers- Pull and Bear // Backpack- Zara // Choker- DIY
vintage dress rooster outfit |
vintage rooster dress japobs | www.bigdreamerblog.comI chose this dress because of the rooster prints, I think it's unique and hard to find. When I saw it for the first time, I doubted I could style it well. I thought it'd look old on me and when I tried it, I somehow look like a lady. It's not something I'd wear on daily life, so I thought hard how to make it looks good on me. In the end, denim jacket is the savior for all outfits hahaha. It goes well with denim jacket and become something that's so me instantly. To complete the look, I also wore black DIY choker and white sneakers. This outfit become one of my most favorite outfit of all time! ❤
vintage rooster dress details |
white sneakers |
Anyway, I took these photos at Serpong and it turned out really well. I literally force everyone who goes out with me to take my photos, that time was my Dad ;p Aaaand as expected, 50mm fixed lens takes the best outfit photos!! I need to bring my 60D more often from now on....or buy new lens for X-A2 #justignoreme #crazythought.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

#officelook: Bart Simpson Again

Happy saturday night! I'm staying home and slept all day long because I can't go to anywhere today. Now it's time to work (read: articles deadline and blog posts) but I'm sleepy again #sleepyheadproblem. Decided to post another quick #officelook before another outfit post, I hope you like it.
I wore my old bart simpson shirt to office a few days ago. My colleague told me it's so cute and they even asked if I bought a new shirt again (because I told them I'm on shopping ban, hahaha). I remember this shirt was so hype and mainstream back in 2013. Most of fashion bloggers wore this and posted them on their blog, including me. I was in my most passionate phase of becoming a fashion blogger ;p I grabbed this shirt on the last minute before leaving for work, just because I think I wear boring outfit too much lately. If you notice, my #officelook and outfit I wear outside the office is quite different. I even call it blogger mode:on and off, lol. Comfortable and not-stylish-at-all outfit is important because I will sit in front of computer all day long. I only wear cute outfit when I'm in the mood or I want to take outfit photos for this blog. Thankfully I have a 'personal photographer' now hahahaa. Check out her instagram: @faragandi !

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder Dress |
After my last visit, I went to IKEA again, this time with my family. Long story short, we just went there because mom wanted to buy something, bro wanted to eat meatball, and I wanted to take outfit photos.
Blue Cold Shoulder Dress Outfit |
Blue Cold Shoulder Dress Outfit 2|
Dress- Unbranded // Sneakers- Pull and Bear // Socks- Korea // Backpack- Zara // Choker- Unbranded
Cold Shoulder Dress outfit 34 |
I bought this light blue cold shoulder dress after a long consideration. I've seen it a lot at random bazaar in malls, but I thought it'd be too girly for me so I just passed it. Then I went to SMS and saw it again, and finally decided to buy it because it's just too cute. I love the color and cutting but actually it can make you look bigger and the material is crumpled up easily. I want to avoid looking too girly so I wore choker and white sneakers. Had some free time because I didn't have any works to do that day so I curled my hair. It turned out better than I expected and I thought I look good with that hairstyle, so I canceled my plan to chop my hair short (again). 

What do you think about this outfit and hairstyle? :D

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