Saturday, November 5, 2016

#officelook: Bart Simpson Again

Happy saturday night! I'm staying home and slept all day long because I can't go to anywhere today. Now it's time to work (read: articles deadline and blog posts) but I'm sleepy again #sleepyheadproblem. Decided to post another quick #officelook before another outfit post, I hope you like it.
I wore my old bart simpson shirt to office a few days ago. My colleague told me it's so cute and they even asked if I bought a new shirt again (because I told them I'm on shopping ban, hahaha). I remember this shirt was so hype and mainstream back in 2013. Most of fashion bloggers wore this and posted them on their blog, including me. I was in my most passionate phase of becoming a fashion blogger ;p I grabbed this shirt on the last minute before leaving for work, just because I think I wear boring outfit too much lately. If you notice, my #officelook and outfit I wear outside the office is quite different. I even call it blogger mode:on and off, lol. Comfortable and not-stylish-at-all outfit is important because I will sit in front of computer all day long. I only wear cute outfit when I'm in the mood or I want to take outfit photos for this blog. Thankfully I have a 'personal photographer' now hahahaa. Check out her instagram: @faragandi !

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