Monday, December 31, 2018

Year in Review: ありがとう 2018

Should’ve written this earlier but I was busy watching movie so I’m typing here counting down to the 2019. This year is not a really productive year, I spent a lot of time enjoying my “normal life”, not really growing my instagram nor blog, pause when I feel tired of the social media life. Sorry if this post doesn't sound as excite as before, because idk why I just don't feel like writing this (actually). But it's an annual post so I have to do it.

1. I unlocked another travel destination: South Korea (Seoul, Incheon, Busan)
Didn't plan to visit Korea this soon, the original plan was going to Japan again but my friend suggest Korea instead. Well, challenge accepted! Anyway, it's not a good idea to visit on summer :) It's freakin' HOT!! Overall it's fun, food are good (super good actually), shopping heaven, I knew I'm gonna miss the food. And shopping. And the vibe. Wait, is it everything?

2. Visited a lot of Instaworthy and nice places
A lot of new cute cafes and places popped out this year. Most people go somewhere for the sake of taking nice and instagrammable photos. I try to visit those places and share them to those people who haven't known. Get it? lol It's for my personal satisfaction as well, because I do love cute stuff/ places. You can check them on my instagram or the blogposts I wrote here.

3. Went to Pulau Ayer with some bloggers/ influencers
This one is also my favorite moment of 2018, I was invited to join some blogger and influencers trip to Pulau Ayer, we did a lot of fun activities, and I got close with 2 crocodiles (lol)- blogger fellas. You can read the post here.

4. (Finally) bought an iPhone
Long story short, after dropped my phone last year and changed the lcd screen, I SMASHED it again when I was in Busan. Yes, literally smashed- I dropped it in the toilet, haha. I was so speechless when I saw the lcd condition :) I have been wanting iphone for awhile, didn't buy it before because the budget was not enough. This year I thought I could afford it, so yeah.... finally bought iphone 8+, it did improved my photos/ content quality, I will just call it an investment.

5. Learning and upgrading my photo editing skill
Thanks to the new phone, I finally have a lot of free space to install editing applications! I tried a lot of apps and trying to share it to my followers on instastories. You can check it on my profile if you want to know ;) >> @japobs

6. Sharing is caring
Sharing my editing skill and cute places I found with my readers/ followers on Instagram. Some people asked me why I want to share all those "secrets" with them. I do blogging to share something useful, so why I have to keep them all for myself? What's the point then...? I really wish my contents somehow can be helpful/ inspire others to do something (positive). I know I'm far from a nice content creator, but I'm still trying.

7. I... somehow got into a relationship (ha!)
This one is nothing I expected about in 2018. I've never had one since I was born, lol (personal decision). This time, I don't know how but it just clicked, so.... let it be.

8. This is annoying, but my PMS symptom is: CRYING!!
Seriously, I was known as the most annoying b*tch when I'm on my PMS period, the super moody girl and just being mad at everyone, lol. Now, triggered with simple matter and I will cry my eyes out. Such a drama.

9. My outfits are getting simpler and simpler and simpler the point it just look lazy. To the point I just looked like didn't take a bath. Haha. Sometimes I still wear proper outfit tho, when I have the mood to dress up. What kind of "fashion blogger", hhh. Still, I just want to be real and show outfits I wear because I love doing it. I'm gonna show more efforts in 2019, I wish.

10. Joined the gym and lost around 8kgs
....just to gain another 5kgs in the end of 2018, hahaha. I finally joined the gym because we got discount from the company. I also tried to eat cleaner than before, avoiding junk food and snacking for a while and it really worked. Then I went to Korea (well, it's part of my diet motivation), ate like a monster there, then I couldn't go back to my "healthy lifestyle" after that, hahaha. I still go to the gym tho, just not as intense as before. Sooo, in 2019, I really want to try again!
That's all, dreamers! Wish you a better year ahead (me too!) Jaa ne, see you next year :))

Monday, December 24, 2018

Food Monster Escape: So Fashion Cafe (Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta)

So Fashion Cafe Jakarta |
Hola, Dreamers! Should we talk about another cute/ instaworthy cafe in Jakarta? This time is a cafe located inside Taman Anggrek Mall, So Fashion Cafe. It's no new cafe in town, but I'm always kinda late for this kind of stuff. Guess what, my IG timeline photos was all about this place, so I didn't really wanna join the hype, lol. Let me be late, it's fine as long as I can write about it and tell people who haven't known about it.
The vibe of So Fashion Cafe is so pinky, I mean... all of the stuff there are pink from the interior to the food/ beverages. Everything is so cute, I can't! When I browsed about this cafe, I also found another one in Taiwan. So this is their branch- not franchised but the same owner. They also opened So Hot Stone Hot Pot- a shabu-shabu place, located beside the cafe. If So Fashion has domination of pink, So Hot has domination of white and blue. So Fashion Cafe is divided into two sections, indoor and outdoor. 
I went there on Sunday, and it's full. Better avoid visiting on weekend tho, it must be so nice to take photos here on weekdays, hahaha. Luckily we still got table inside and it's getting empty in the end so I could take photos at almost all the instaworthy spots. 
And here are some instaworthy spots that I like, they are so suitable for taking OOTD photos actually. My tips is come here with vibrant/ contrast color outfit, so you can pop up with the pinkish background. Well, it depends on your preferences tho, if you want to blend in with the background, why not? ;) There's no rule at all!

Outdoor area:

Next, let's talk about what I ordered there. So Fashion basically serves coffee and desserts, with light bites, salad, korean food, and brunch menus. Their desserts are really instaworthy too. There are two kind of people who visit this cafe: the ones who enjoy their food, and the ones who do it for the gram, lol. 

Banana Chocolate Marshmallow (IDR 55k)
I waited so long for this menu T.T I thought they missed my order, so I actually spent a lot of time here. This Banana Chocolate Marshmallow is brioche bread with nutella, banana, melting marshmallow, chocolate sauce, and almond. I actually kinda regret not ordering savory food instead, because my mom didn't want to eat it so I had to finish this all by myself- while I can't really stand sweet food. This one was so sweet! Actually it's balanced when I ate it with the bread, but the marshmallow itself was super sweet. I love how the banana could tone down the sweetness too. DON'T ORDER THIS IF YOU'RE NOT SHARING, well except if you're a sweet tooth. Overall it's good.

Iced Strawberry Coffee Latte (IDR 49k)
Mom ordered this because it looks cute. I can't deny it tho, it does look cute. Note that my mom is not a coffee person, so in the end I was the one who finish this drink :) Surprisingly it's not that sweet, everything just okay. It's coffee latte, but you still can taste the strawberry. Decent and very instaworthy. 

Peach Sparkling (IDR 45k)
This is my favorite order of the day, it's soda water with chunks of peach and mint. It's such a cute surprise because it came with a cute flamingo float (didn't expect that). The Peach Sparkling was so fresh, it neutralized the overly sweet taste of Banana Chocolate Marshmallow. If not I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to eat the bread again. 
Price wise, I actually think it's kinda pricey, but they actually also "sell" the cafe concept and interior, plus it's inside the mall so it's still reasonable. Food are also decent so it's okay to visit once in a while.

Disclaimer: I'm not a pro food reviewer, just want to share the instaworthy spots and the food I tried here.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Event Report: Djoempa Djoeita with Purbasari

Hola, Dreamers! This event was the beginning of my productive weekend, haha. Jadi sabtu pagi kemaren aku dateng ke event Purbasari dan Beautynesia, tepatnya di Cerita Cafe. Eventnya mulai jam 9, which was actually pretty early for me. Pas sampe sana ternyata acaranya nggak langsung mulai, jadi setelah registrasi aku dan temen-temen sempetin untuk foto-foto dulu.
Pemilihan venue event kali ini cukup instagrammable sih, aku selalu suka sama spot yang outdoor/ semi outdoor dengan sentuhan alam seperti daun-daun gitu. Begini kira-kira hasil foto di Cafe Cerita ini + #japobsOOTD hari itu. Oh iya, sesuai dengan namanya "Djoempa Djoeita", event kali ini mengusung tema retro 50s/ vintage, jadi bloggers/ influencers yang hadir juga dresscodenya vintage/ floral gitu. Aku sendiri outfitnya cukup simple, hanya pake midi dress floral dengan daleman t-shirt putih dan sneakers (topinya minjem punya Jessica ;p).
Setelah puas foto-foto, akhirnya event dimulai. MC mulai ngajak ngobrol bloggers/ influencers yang hadir supaya lebih akrab dan event bisa berjalan dengan lebih santai. She called us "Djoeita" selama event berlangsung, aku yang belom biasa suka salah kaprah doi manggil orang yang namanya Juwita, lol. Event dilanjutkan dengan penjelasan produk-produk terbaru Purbasari yang udah ada di pasaran dan yang baru akan dijual di pasaran awal tahun depan. 
Beberapa produk baru Purbasari ini adalah produk mata, mulai dari pensil alis (Purbasari Ultra Smooth Browliner), eyeliner (Purbasari Intense Liquid Liner), bulu mata palsu (Purbasari Volumizing Eyelashes), serta produk bibir terbaru yaitu lip cream dengan hasil akhir shimmer (Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream Shimmer Finish). 
Purbasari Ultra Smooth Browliner ini merupakan salah satu produk terbaru Purbasari yang praktis banget, karena kita udah nggak perlu mengasah pensil alis ini supaya tetap tajam. Tip-nya yang berbentuk segitiga pun memudahkan kita untuk membentuk alis. Pensil alis ini dilengkapi spoolie juga, so you don't need to bring separate spoolie. Ultra Smooth Browliner tersedia dalam 2 warna, yaitu Soft Black dan Natural Brown.
Produk baru lainnya adalah Purbasari Intense Color Liquid Liner, yang berbentuk seperti spidol sehingga memudahkan kita menggambar eyeliner, khususnya wing eyeliner. Teksturnya quick dry dan smudge proof, jadi nggak perlu takut eyeliner ini beleber ketika digunakan.
Kali ini Purbasari juga mengenalkan produk terbarunya yaitu bulu mata palsu, yaitu Purbasari Volumizing Eyelashes. Terbuat dari serat sintesis yang berkualitas dengan bentuk yang alami dan mudah digunakan. Untuk eyelashes tersedia dalam 2 pilihan, yaitu 01 yang lebih pendek dan alami serta 02 yang lebih panjang, tapi tetap terlihat alami saat digunakan.
Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream Shimmer Finish ini adalah lip cream yang punya finishing shimmer, tapi glitternya ga heboh. Tersedia dalam 5 shades yang namanya terinspirasi dari nama bunga, yaitu 12 Poppy, 13 Primrose, 14 Blossom, 15 Peony, dan 16 Marigold. Lip cream ini diklaim sangat pigmented, mengandung UV Filter dan vitamin E sehingga bibir tetap lembab.
Selanjutnya, makeup artist dari Purbasari mengadakan makeup demo dengan produk-produk Purbasari mulai dari base makeup (foundation, bb cream), eye makeup, contour, hingga lipstick/lip cream. Tema makeup yang diangkat untuk demo ini adalah retro tahun 50an, lengkap dengan hair do yang cocok dengan temanya. Bisa dilihat dari foto ya, kalau makeup ini flawless banget.
Setelah makan siang, acara dilanjutkan dengan workshop pouch coloring menggunakan cat akrilik. Sebelum mewarnai pouchnya, kita disuruh untuk membuat color palette dulu. Warna yang aku buat tentunya warna-warna pastel seperti mint, orange muda, pink, dan biru. Workshop ini lumayan bikin nostalgia sih sama tugas-tugas kuliah dulu, udah lama banget nggak megang kuas! Nantinya pouch yang udah diwarnain bakal kita pake untuk membawa pulang produk-produk Purbasari tadi. Such a fun way to give us the goodie bag :))

Last but not least, mungkin ini adalah bagian event yang paling ditunggu-tunggu oleh bloggers/influencers ambisius (lol), yaitu pengumuman pemenang challenges. Walaupun aku nggak menang challenge sendiri, ternyata aku dan teman-teman semeja memenangkan group challenge! Nggak nyangka, mengingat kita aja fotonya di detik-detik terakhir :))

Quick Review // First Impression
Dari semua produk yang aku coba, favoritku adalah Purbasari Intense Color Liquid Liner. Pas dipakai eyeliner ini sangat cepat kering (quick dry), jadi buat kalian yang masih pemula pun aman memakai eyelinernya karena nggak akan meleber kemana-mana. Ketika baru dipakai langsung nempel dan smudge proof, setelah aku gosok-gosok pun tetap stay. Tapi, kemaren aku pakai seharian, mungkin karena eyelidku yang berminyak atau karena aku keringetan, ada sedikit bagian eyeliner yang smudge ke bawah mata, hal ini mungkin juga dikarenakan aku kalo senyum/ ketawa matanya merem, jadi kejiplak ke bawah ;p

Next, Purbasari Ultra-Smooth Brow Liner juga sekarang jadi my daily eyebrow pencil, karena sangat mudah diaplikasikan + udah dilengkapi spoolie yang juga lembut jadi nggak sakit pas dipake. Aku suka banget tip-nya yang berbentuk segitiga, sangat memudahkan untuk membentuk alis. Pensil alis ini cukup pigmented tapi masih terlihat natural, nggak bikin alis kaya alis sinchan kok, tenang.

Aku nggak pernah (dan nggak suka) pakai bulu mata palsu, tapi berhubung Purbasari ngeluarin produk ini aku jadi penasaran, ternyata lembut banget. Aku diajarin blogger sebelahku cara memasang bulu mata, pas dipake sih bulu mata ini nggak terlihat fake atau lebay, malah termasuk natural. Purbasari Volumizing Eyelashes ini baru dijual bulan Januari tahun depan, lho. Lucky banget bisa nyobain sebelum produknya dijual, hahaha.

Aku inget banget pas lipstick Purbasari lagi heboh, semua orang di sekitar aku kayanya selalu deh ngomongin lipstick mereka. Kali ini mereka juga ngeluarin lip cream baru, yaitu Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream Shimmer Finish. Sesuai namanya, lip cream ini hasil akhirnya shimmer, tapi juga nggak bikin bibir terlihat basah (jatohnya masih matte sih). Teksturnya creamy dan pigmented banget, warnanya juga cantik dan yang terpenting lip cream ini bisa dipake untuk bikin bibir ombre atau juga multifungsi sebagai blush dan eyeshadow.
Overall, dengan harga yang sangat affordable, kualitas produk-produk Purbasari emang nggak perlu diragukan lagi. Kalian paling kepo sama produk yang mana nih?

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

#BigDreamerWander: Centrum Million Balls, Bandung

Hola, Dreamers! I went to my Bandung again a few months ago and visited some new places/ instagrammable spots. I'm writing this post to share them to you guys, because sharing is caring huh? Actually, some people asked me, "Why do you always share those instagrammable places to your readers/ followers? Isn't it supposed to be a secret?". I was once like that, but in the end, I just love telling people about any things I found- things that people might love too. And what's the meaning of being a blogger if I keep them as secret? So, here is a new post for you!
Centrum Million Balls is the new "it" selfie heaven in Bandung, both for its residents and people from another city (like Jakarta). In case you don't know, Bandung has a lot of selfie tour destinations, places designed for the sake of selfie/ instaworthy photo. If you don't really like taking photos, well better find another place, this one is not for you. But! If you're in the same boat with me, please keep on reading, hahaha.
It's located at Jalan Belitung No.10 Merdeka, Sumur Bandung, Bandung. I will share the location maps below ;) You need to pay to get in, which is IDR 50.000 for weekdays and IDR 65.000 for weekend, including locker and a pair of socks. They also provide cafe here, so don't worry if you want to rest/ suddenly feel hungry, lol. 
The main attraction of Centrum Million Balls is this huge pool with orange balls. FYI, it used to be a swimming pool. You will find a lot of children here, so to take photos you need to find the right angle. Oh, you can also rent some properties like floats or huge doll, but I didn't do that tho. Too much money, lol. Just played with my friends here :p 
Because it's supposed to be a selfie tour destination, no wonder they have some instaworthy spots. Well, it's all about this place tho. JUST instaworthy spots, that's why I said that this place is not for those who don't like taking photos. They'll be annoyed just like my bf :") Here are some spots you can use to take photos:

Tips: Wear comfy outfit here (stylish, but still comfort is the key). I wore t-shirt and woman pant (ripped jeans), sneakers, and jacket as the statement. 
I didn't take photos at EVERY spots because there were some that I don't like, it's personal preferences tho. IMHO, the quality of the place still can be improved (the lighting, properties), I also saw some new spots are still in development. Another visit? I'm not sure. 
| Tips: Ask those who don't like to take photos spend their time in another place (either cafe or whatever they want), because it's actually quite painful to pay IDR 65.000 to do nothing inside 😅 (sorry, bf!)

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Event Report: Welcome to The Sweet World of Holika Holika x Peko

Hola, Dreamers! Brace yourself because this post is a cuteness overload :)) I was invited to the Sweet World of Holika Holika x Peko launching and it's such a cute event. When I arrived at the venue, I felt like wanna scream "so cuteeee", because the decoration was full of Peko- a character of Japanese chocolate produced by Fujiya co.
The first thing I noticed was the "snack" on the table, which turned out to be their special set of makeup. There were also milk boxes which is actually glow cushion and perfect cushion, Peko-chan hand mirror, and candies as decoration.
In case you don't know, Holika Holika is Korean cosmetics brand, found by Enprani Co. Ltd under Samsung and CJ Group since 2010. Holika Holika representatives told us that one of their selling point is their cute packaging, before Peko they also collaborated with Sanrio character, Gudetama. Their products is fun and unique, in my opinion their products is suitable for daily natural makeup. 
This collaboration collection has 8 makeup products, 2 skincare products, and 5 beauty accessories with food and beverages inspired packaging with Peko-chan on it. Their cutest products such as: Peko Hard Cover Cushion in milk box packaging, Peko Peko Bun Puff that shaped like a bread, and Peko Eye Shadow Palette with caramel candy box packaging. 
We did unboxing together (although it's actually too cute to be ripped) and these are products inside the "snack bag": Water Drop Tint Bomb, Melty Jelly Lip Balm, Melty Jelly Blusher, Melty Jelly Luminizer, Eye Shadow Palette, and Peko Hand Cream. (The other two are Hard Cover Cushion, not included).
We got the chance to try all the products inside! I like their Water Drop Tint Bomb, it's unique because you can feel something cold and wet (?) while applying on the lips. The colors are also pretty and give fresh look. My friends and I did Water Drop Tint Bomb and Eye Shadow Palette swatches: 
Eye Shadow Palette swatches (red/ strawberry)
Water Drop Tint Bomb swatches (all colors)
When I realized it, all of the products actually have sweet scent! For example, the red Eye Shadow Palette has strawberry scent while the white one has milky scent. Same thing for the luminizer that has sweet milky scent. Holika Holika x Peko offers two kinds of cushion: Glow Cushion (dewy finish) and Perfect Cushion (matte finish). They also have another products such as bun puff, sheet mask, oil paper etc.
Bun Puff before and after get wet
At the end of the event, we did a fun activity decorating cookies bouquet. Even the activity was so cute! It's so hard for me tbh, just not my thing, lol. Mine was such a mess, I was so impatient to finish it ;p 
We got our own "snack bag" in red/ Sweet Special Set, I was so excited to see what I got inside! After ripped off the packaging, I was near to scream because I got some of my personal favorite products. I got Eye Shadow Palette, Water Drop Tint Bomb, Bun Puff, Jelly Mask Sheet, No Sebum Pact, Melty Jelly Blusher, and Melty Jelly Luminizer
Holika Holika x Peko collaboration is a limited edition collection, which was officially launched on November 15, 2018 and you can get them at Holika Holika offline stores, and exclusively sold at Holika Holika Official Store Tokopedia. Price starts from IDR 32.000 to  IDR 328.000. They have two kinds of special set: Sweet Special Set and Fresh Special Set which you can get start from IDR 200.000 to IDR 800.000, exclusively at Tokopedia. 

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