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It's kinda late but this is what I wore on Chinese New Year. It's a rare moment for me to wear red, but this year I thought it's not bad to try something different. Got this dress from, it's the IT dress lately, I can see a lot of people wearing it. It's affordable with nice quality and comfortable fabric. The point is the slit, it can make you look slimmer and taller, me likey! Effortlessly stylish, you can either wear it with sneakers for casual look or heels for more mature look. Add some accessories/ scarf/ outerwear is nice too :))

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

#BigDreamerWander: Palembang Travel Diary (Where to go, What to eat)

Palembang Travel Diary |
Hola! It's another travel post, yeay! This time I'm gonna share about my short getaway to Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. To be honest, Palembang had never been in my traveling bucket list until earlier this year. It's because of my best friend's wedding. She got married in Palembang, her hometown, so my college friends and I decided to go for a few days.

Stay: All Nite and Day Hotel (Veteran, Palembang)
For price you can check on website by yourself, okay. I didn't know the price because my friend provided it for us. I think our room was "Happy Day Family with Breakfast", it's spacious enough for 4 people with 1 King Size bed and 1 bunk bed (2 beds). The location was pretty close to anywhere and located beside Social Market/ SoMa Palembang, so I think it's a great (and fun) place to stay.
Social Market (SoMa)
If you love hanging out and having fun with your friends, you must visit Social Market in Palembang. It is located exactly besides All Nite and Day Hotel and it's basically for entertainment, there are restaurants, cafe, cinema, even barbershop and massage place. The place is also pretty instagrammable, so if you want to stock some photos for your feed, here is the place!

Jembatan Ampera
Jembatan Ampera is the iconic must-visit landmark in Palembang, this red bridge connects Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir, Palembang's two regions. FYI, this bridge can be opened when ships pass in the past, but now it's no longer can do that. Thanks to Asian Games 2018, they re-paint the Ampera Bridge into more vibrant red color.
To get there, first go to Kuto Besak area then just walk to the bridge, there is the stairs that will bring you to the bridge. Be careful tho, the wind is strong and there are many vehicles passing by. 

Pulau Kemaro
Pulau Kemaro is Palembang's must-visit destination that can be reached only by the boat. We took the boat (or you can use "ketek") from Sungai Musi, I can't tell you how much the price was because we didn't pay for it. You can simply researched it yourself ya. In Pulau Kemaro, there is a Buddhist Temple and the main attraction is 9 level pagoda with dragon statue. Sadly, there is nothing other than those two.

Sekanak Sidewalk
One word for this place in Bahasa: zonk! hahaha ;") It's supposed to be a waterway with colorful mural all over the walls and sidewalk, but when I visited, it's already faded and... so smelly. I thought it looked nice during the Asian Games 2018 tho. Somehow, my friend's awesome camera and lens still be able to make it looks good, lol. Not recommend this place to you, it's just not a destination :))
It somehow created static electricity (?) Look at my hair!
Lo Mie Taksam
It's one of Palembang must-try food, usually eaten in the morning (such a heavy breakfast, haha). It's thick noodle with thick broth + pork and shrimp topping, it's so so good! The portion was pretty large, so we ordered half-portion; which I regretted later T.T

Mie Celor 26
This is Palembang's native food, noodle with creamy sauce, topped with egg and shrimp. I surprisingly love it so much, it's so good with some chili. You can eat it with crackers too.

Pindang Bu Ucha
Pindang is the specialty cuisine of Palembang, it's fish/shrimp spicy soup. I was actually afraid to try this, because I don't really like eating fish. But surprisingly (again) I love it so much. It's spicy, sour, refreshing. Unfortunately the portion was pretty small, haha. Recommended! No fishy smell.

Es Kacang Cinde
Es Kacang Cinde is located inside Palembang Icon Mall, at the food court area. It's shave ice with various topping that you can choose as you like- mostly red beans. I recommend you to try one with red beans + avocado + jackfruit topping, it's so refreshing! Price is around IDR 20k (depends on toppings).
Some food recommendation from my friend who lives there ;)
We also tried Mie Terang Bulan, martabak, seafood at Sungai Musi/ Musi River, but imho they're not really special and I also didn't take proper photos that's why I don't include them here. Hope you enjoy this post and can help you if you're visiting Palembang, jaa ne!

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