Monday, April 30, 2012

Girl's Generation - TTS - Twinkle

TTS (TaeTiSeo) is a sub-group of Girl's Generation / SNSD . They're Tae Yeon , Tiffany , and Seo Hyun. I don't really like SNSD , just so so , but their dance is really good . Tae Yeon is my favorite member of SNSD , she is the leader , and her voice is WOW !
Check their teaser here :)
And this is the full MV !!
What do you think ? I love their hair styles and outfits :D
There are also Exo-K members , OMG Baek Hyun is there too , hihi ;p

Friday, April 27, 2012

Now Reading and Food Crime [Instagram]

Finished this inspirational book :)
I borrowed my bro's novel and this is awesome ! Can't wait to read the next !!
Now reading , I think this should be a nice book to read :)

And here are some food pics ! 
Berry Oat Milk for breakfast :9 This is actually instant oat . I will try the banana one next time !
Choco ice cream !
Chicken Miso Ramen for last night dinner :D Went to Gokanna Teppan with my friends after watching Mirror Mirror (my 2nd time)
Pempek Palembang from my friend :)
This is quick update actually ! I love Instagram especially because it helps me to do a quick post when I'm lazy to take photos with DSLR :p
Follow my Instagram : @japobs (same with my twitter username :D )

I'm having a very bad flu , it's really uncomfortable :(( Anyway , going home today !

Monday, April 23, 2012

Girl's Day + OOTD

Had lunch at Pepper Lunch and didn't take any pics :p We're too hungry at that time lol . 
You can see my bang is still so long !
me - shely - windy - paula - lisa
Met Lisa with her family and boyfriend after I got new haircut .
We watched 21 Jump Street (without Lisa) , and it's a pretty nice movie . 

 We had dinner at Pancious . Mine was that mango waffle .
I don't really like it because it's too sweet ! I don't like (too) sweet food :|
OOTD : plaid shirt + denim skirt + flats
I love this coach bag , that's why I use it very often . It's from my auntie :)
Cute easter egg(?)

I'm Officially EXOtic !

Not much to say . I love EXO ! :))
Love the dance , music , and the members ! I love Baek Hyun and Su Ho :D
These 2 MV are EXO-K , that means they sing in Korean . Exo-M sings in Chinese . The songs' title are the same :D

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Next Post(s) Teaser !

Hi ! Had fun today , my junior from Saint Peter High School came to my university and we went to Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) . My friends , teachers and I had a fun talk at Jco . It really makes me miss my high school time :') They're going back to Pontianak tomorrow . Safe flight yo !
(Will post the photos next time , on the  another next post)

Today's outfit :
 shirt-90degress // trousers-Zara // oxford-Forever21

Anddd, I don't think I did my Fontography test well :( Just pray I don't get C !
Tomorrow is the last day of midterm test and I'm going back to Jakarta again that means no internet connection , I wanna show you the teaser of next post(s) . Hope tomorrow before I go home I can post one of them ;)
You see , I bought them and I haven't read any of them yet ! Okay , I can't read japanese hahahhaa :p
Just wait , ok ;)

P.S = I'm crazy about One Piece manga lately , that's why I don't read the books lol

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friends // Nakama // Peng You

My new glasses ;)
Went to Hanamasa for dinner with my friends last Friday , to celebrate me and my friend's birthday . Late birthday dinner ;p Had so much fun , and I ate the most -__- My friends said that they're too full already but I just still could eat *luffy's stomach* After that , 4 of us watched The Raid . Not bad . Cool action :D

I'm gonna post  review of new magazines and the freebies . I think I'm gonna do review about books too , since I love reading the novel lately . Too much read comics (manga) since I was still a little kid :p Actually I used to love reading teenlit (teen novel) when I was in Junior High School , but too much love story make me bored and finally leave them . Not reading novel at all . I just bought a novel and of course it's not a love story ;p Not in the mood to read love story . Will show you the novel on next post . Psst , I also bought Merry Riana book :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Voume Up , Alone [MV + Download Link]

New album from Sistar and 4minute ! You should check it out ! :D
Sistar - Alone
4minute - Volume Up
Loveeee the music so much ! HyunA is always adorable ^^

Download the full album here :

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

私の誕生日です ! // My 19th Bday

Got the crazy surprise this year , my friend lied to me that she's sick and wanted to go to the hospital . When I opened my dorm's door , they sang the happy birthday song . What the . Speechless ;p
Thank you guys :)
I'm officially 19 years old now , the last 'teen' year . Wish I can be more mature (especially the way of thinking) , not childish like this anymore lol .

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