Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friends // Nakama // Peng You

My new glasses ;)
Went to Hanamasa for dinner with my friends last Friday , to celebrate me and my friend's birthday . Late birthday dinner ;p Had so much fun , and I ate the most -__- My friends said that they're too full already but I just still could eat *luffy's stomach* After that , 4 of us watched The Raid . Not bad . Cool action :D

I'm gonna post  review of new magazines and the freebies . I think I'm gonna do review about books too , since I love reading the novel lately . Too much read comics (manga) since I was still a little kid :p Actually I used to love reading teenlit (teen novel) when I was in Junior High School , but too much love story make me bored and finally leave them . Not reading novel at all . I just bought a novel and of course it's not a love story ;p Not in the mood to read love story . Will show you the novel on next post . Psst , I also bought Merry Riana book :)

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