Monday, September 30, 2013

Bunny Crop Top

MUJI maxi dress // CONVERSE sneakers // BANGKOK crop top & skull cap
BANGKOK crop top & skull cap // unbranded shorts // hotel slippers lol
I wore this before and after the party (click!) The Muji maxi dress is so comfy and because it's sleeveless I wore crop top as outer. It's so different with last post huh? hahahaa My feets hurt so I just wear the hotel slippers to go home :3
Gotta sleep now and back to classes and work tomorrow ! Go follow my instagram for quick update and to know what I'm doing hehe :D

You Might See This Once (or twice) a Year

Hi! I'm escaping from my assignments OTL I'm doing 3D project right now, making our own designed character. Actually I'm so excited but it is not easy at all. Ee!
I wore this to my auntie's wedding 2 weeks ago. I was wearing white lace dress from local online store, Forever 21 blazer, TLTSN wedges and Charles&Keith bag that I use as clutch.
I rarely wear something girly, and you can see me dress up like this only for once / maybe twice a year lol I cut my bang that day, because so tired of the not-long-yet-not-short bang. I didn't put any make up and just applied wing eyeliner by myself. Prefer bare face :/

Anyway, thanks Anny for helping me edit the html :D
Sorry for the bad quality pics, I didn't bring my DSLR.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I was dating with mom yesterday, we went to Lippo Mall Kemang and this is my first time. The mall is quite large and I found so many nice spots to have photoshoot :p My mom helped me to take this outfit photos. I wore unbranded sparkling long sleeves shirt that I bought at Ambassador Mall, favorite Uniqlo floral pants, and Adorable Projects Indonesia flats. This shoes hurt my feet so much although it's actually too big 1 size T_T The last photo was taken at Caliente mexican food restaurant, I always love taking photo on this kind of mirror-window with bokeh :3

Thursday, September 19, 2013


sweaty - Giordano x Mickey // highwaist shorts - Unbranded // socks - Artbox // creepers - GOSH

Hi there! This is an outfit post (in selca) wearing giordano jumper and unbranded shorts. This jumper is actually so comfy but that day was sooo hot so I changed it to one piece t-shirt ahaha. I push myself not to buy jumper / t-shirt anymore and buy (girly) shirts instead, but you know....I really prefer "cool" look than "beautiful" look. I think it suits me better, doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I Ate in Pontianak (II)

Tiam mie (sweet noodle) // Keng Ci Kwe Tiau
chinese curry rice
 Bakso sapi PSP // Bakso sapi Nurali
 Bihun Yawtek // Mi pok
 CCP // Swimming chicken
 Choco-melon ice cream // Lek Tau Swan
 Homemade udon // chamie at school canteen
 Kwe Kia Theng // homemade soto ayam
Yam Mie Ou Kie // Kwe Cap

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blogger Illustration: Toshiko Shek
Yeay blogger illustration is here! :)) This time is Toshiko Shek from It's Not Her, It's Me. I always adore her style, and this cat dress is so cute so I decided to draw her :D
Anyway, just in case you want to know, my drawing style is often different because I still learn and try to find my signature style although my friend said that she will know it's my drawing just by seeing it. hehe

Monday, September 9, 2013

What I ate in Pontianak (I)

sushi // kimbab from neighbor
tar susu // loko-loko
homemade steamboat :)
nasi kuning jonny // nasi campur sui pinyuh
bakso ikan telor asin // bakso ikan a Hin
pisang goreng with srikaya // siobi
ham chai (sapo tahu, he keng,  fuyunghoi, kangkung asap) // 
pwe ki mue (telor asin, pork sausage, chai pou, kiam chai, tauco, tahu)
 burpang (porridge with anchovy!!) // nasi tim urip
chai kue panas // chai kue goreng

This is part one of my "What I ate in Pontianak" post lol. And FYI these are not all I ate! I really ate so much and even too lazy to take photos sometimes :))) Pontianak sure has A LOT OF DELICIOUS FOOD and actually there is no other activity funner than eating in Pontianak -__- Waiting for one year to eat these food is like hell but I can survive because Jakarta here also has a lot of (super) delicious food. The difference is that food in Pontianak are mostly "traditional" and in Jakarta we can find A-Z food :)) It's so hard when a FOOD MONSTER like me must diet. Hiks!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Mickey tee - Giordano // Pants - Uniqlo // Sandals - Charles&Keith // Satchel bag - Bugis
I always wear simple and casual outfit in Pontianak because of the hot weather and another condition. I wore this to eat dimsum with my aunt and family. As you can see I am fatter now because there are a lot of DELICIOUS FOOD in Pontianak and it has been like a year without my favorite food so I ate like a pig hahaha. I never like diet and I ever said I won't diet but I think I must do it now OTL
College has started and I have assignments to finish again, I must leave my own-imagination world full of fantasy and WooBin-JongSuk and another Korean Actors to face this busy reality :") Will blog often too and be ready of my food post okay :3

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

August via Instagram

went to the beach with family and lost my sonny angel //
hometown = friends //
 #ootd all taken by phone coz didn't bring DSLR to anywhere

July via Instagram

read PARIS // too sweet :x // a box of happiness (dislike the lemon though)
favorite things // still keep practicing // back to Pontianak

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