Monday, September 9, 2013

What I ate in Pontianak (I)

sushi // kimbab from neighbor
tar susu // loko-loko
homemade steamboat :)
nasi kuning jonny // nasi campur sui pinyuh
bakso ikan telor asin // bakso ikan a Hin
pisang goreng with srikaya // siobi
ham chai (sapo tahu, he keng,  fuyunghoi, kangkung asap) // 
pwe ki mue (telor asin, pork sausage, chai pou, kiam chai, tauco, tahu)
 burpang (porridge with anchovy!!) // nasi tim urip
chai kue panas // chai kue goreng

This is part one of my "What I ate in Pontianak" post lol. And FYI these are not all I ate! I really ate so much and even too lazy to take photos sometimes :))) Pontianak sure has A LOT OF DELICIOUS FOOD and actually there is no other activity funner than eating in Pontianak -__- Waiting for one year to eat these food is like hell but I can survive because Jakarta here also has a lot of (super) delicious food. The difference is that food in Pontianak are mostly "traditional" and in Jakarta we can find A-Z food :)) It's so hard when a FOOD MONSTER like me must diet. Hiks!

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