Sunday, July 18, 2021

Hi again, Dreamers~

Hewow, it's been a while! Tee-hee~

My blog domain was expired and I just renewed it today. I've been really neglecting my blog, but I still upload some videos on my Youtube. I can't promise I'll update as often as before here, but I'll try! (Once again, can not promise lol). Hm, maybe I'm just gonna share some latest things in my life, it's not really interested tho :")

We're in "lockdown" situation again in Indonesia. Well, it's called PPKM here but it's just kinda the same with lockdown/ quarantine thingy. I've been so stressed last year, to the point I lost myself and all things that once interesting to me. Fortunately I could pick myself up again, with some new goals and stuff. BUT! It's happening again, I stuck at home again. The difference is I try not to stress so much about it. Instead I use this opportunity to finally prepare my long time dream (gonna reveal it later lol). I can not forget that I'm a big dreamer (again).

For months I didn't really have the mood to blog, so I took a break. I was busy with some freelance works, I did try streaming but then I can't anymore because of my trash internet connection, I also did almost nothing, especially when the PMDD hits me every month. It's the worst few days T-T

In the end I convinced myself to just trust and enjoy the process, for my own sanity lol. I always feel guilty for being not productive, but I also do nothing HAHA my bad! But.... I also learn that I feel better when I create something, or being productive doing whatever. So I'm gonna remember that feeling and 'slap' myself with that memory when I'm getting lazy :p

This looks like an essay, hahaha! I just want to write this down so I can read it again in the future. I'm gonna list some things I enjoy (and obsessed over) these days:

Genshin Impact

I'm obsessed over Genshin Impact! I love the characters and environments design so much, the game itself is also fun. I'm really excited for the next update, Inazuma! It looks like Japan, so beautiful I'm crying, lol.

Manga and Anime

I feel like I'm going back to my old lifestyle- enjoying manga and anime too much. Living an introvert life to the fullest! Gonna write another blogpost about some manga and anime I enjoy these days :3

Drawing Fan Arts

I'm currently drawing fan arts of Genshin Impact (I just love it so much!), and trying to draw another manga/anime fan arts too. You can follow my art instagram or tiktok for more art contents!

I think that's it for my life update!

See you on the next post, hopefully very soon :3

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