Thursday, December 31, 2020

Year in Review: ありがとう 2020

Wow 2020 is seriously ending in a few days! 2020 is definitely not the best year (obviously because of Corona) and I actually don't really know what to write since I didn't do much this year. We started quarantine at March and those few months felt terrible, like you couldn't go anywhere and you couldn't meet anyone. Even an introvert like me was suffering, lol. The first 3 months actually went so fast, it's like "what happened?" Anyway, we have made it so far, so stay healthy always Dreamers ;)

I bought Canon G7x mark II 

I decided to buy another camera for videos, because my Fujifilm XA-2 is not good for taking videos. The focus was so annoying. This Canon G7X Mark II is actually such an investment, the quality is nice and it's easy to bring anywhere. I made some videos with it (you can check it on my Youtube channel), then I stopped making/ uploading any videos when the quarantine started. Man, those few first months is terrible! After that I thought that if I don't make any contents, the camera (and my money) will just be a waste. I bought it with "investment" in my mind so... YOU BETTER MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF IT, Mei!

I bought Nintendo Switch

I really wanted to buy this since Animal Crossing New Horizons was out, but managed to forget it until a few months ago T.T Such an impulsive splurge and now I'm already kinda bored of the game hahaha. But still, talking to my villagers is so fun. They're all so cute huhu~

More Youtube Videos (?)

These few last months, I pushed myself to create, edit, and upload more videos to my Youtube channel. I'm still in the middle of "researching" tho, what kind of contents that people love more. BUT! In the end I will just do whatever I like hahaha~ Sometimes I feel sorry that I'm not updating my blog that much compared to before.

Went to Bandung with My Boyfriend and Bestie

Finally one of the most exciting thing that happened this year. I went to Bandung with my boyfriend and bestie. We didn't really go to anywhere tho, it's most like staycation. We still avoided crowded places. Oh, we went to Jalan Braga and it's so crowded, we decided to go to another place. I was dizzy seeing a lot people hahaha *introvert problem*. I planned to edit the vlog (and also blog?) as soon as possible so please stay tuned, or subscribe to my channel, hehe~

To be honest, I kinda lost this year. I really lost all the motivation during the quarantine, I didn't know what to do. It felt like all my goals were impossible too. Thankfully, later this year I could pick myself up, found what I want to do (I have some new goals), and I'm getting excited to be more productive in 2021. Hopefully the world can be better too! And I hope I can get more projects/ jobs again, and people will pay me a.s.a.p (some people haven't paid me for the video I finished yet huhu). How is your 2020? Jaa, see you again on the next posts!!

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