Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Passion in Art

Welcome freedom in....3 days !!!!! I haven't finish my last exam assignment (illustration), I just finished the sketches on A3 watercolor pad. Yeee I'm using watercolor, kinda 'nekat' because I'm not an expert in watercolor thing.
The pic above is my traditional sculpting final, got 99 but unfortunately it's not taken for exhibition :(( Still, thanks God because the score really worth my sweat and tears . YES ! For real hahahhaa :p I'm so stressed because I thought it's not detail enough.
I never thought that art will be one of my biggest passions before, and now, I realized that I'm deeply in love with art. It also means that I just set some new dreams to reach . Ganbatte ! :))

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Neon Zebra

Hi there, final exam weeks is almost over ! 3 subjects to go and welcome freedom ! I've done my magazine (Digital Publishing II) and tabloid (Fontography), and guess what my laptop is crash and it can't be turn on and I HAVE TO RE-DO THEM !! T____T I worked on my magazine assignment (test) until 5 a.m because the file was damaged (yes, I re-did them already that time) and now I have to do that thing for the third time ! *insane*
Thanks to Sary for lending me her laptop so I can do the assignment :') I really wish I could buy a new one right now -____-
About the picture above , I did it when I was studying east art history ;p She wears neon yellow shirt and zebra bandage skirt . Great combination, isn't it ? :))

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tough Week via Instagram

 1. illustrations for @kaykayblaisdell 2. finally do this :)) 3. drawing test 4. my messy room 5. some outerwear 6. nonno april issue+freebie 7. nonno may issue+freebie 8. nonno june issue+freebie

I'm lack of sleep this week because of final exam take home tests. When I wake up, first thing that pass my mind is "Ah gotta work on assignments", although I'm not really awake -_- I slept at 4.30 a.m (yes, this morning!) and surely will do it again. You know, this week is "minggu tenang" that means we can rest for a while before the exam starts, but for us (art&design students), it means week for doing the take home test hahaha. From 9 subjects we got, 6 of them are take home. Don't know must be happy or sad lol

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inspiration : Agnes Cecile

Just found this on Fuckyeahwatercolor , love it so much ! I love playing with watercolor lately but I think I haven't good enough , so I will learn it well :D I'm supposed to do my drawing take-home-test right now but I'm so lazy to color it . I'm not feeling well because I'm on my period and tired of doing the same thing all day long -_-
Agnes Cecile's deviant art and youtube , click click click ! :))
Hey, it's D-20 going back to Pontianak ! :)) So excited ! Ah, I also wanna set some projects for this holiday. I want to be productive during the holiday . Of course I'll enjoy my free time too . I love doing nothing :p

Monday, June 11, 2012

Casual Sunday

Another annoying face .__.
Top - Big Jill // Skirt - Forever21 // Sneakers - Converse // Satchel - Bugis Street Sg // unbranded watch & leather bracelet
Again, annoying face ! seriously bro, Y U no wait 'till I'm ready ! lol
Here is my personal photographer ! :))
Some outfit photos I took yesterday. I think it's better to take outfit photos outdoor, huh ? This is the most comfortable outfit ! I love simple outfit. I love wearing skirt. I hope I can buy more skirts ! :))
Actually, I took a lot of photos yesterday . I will post about it later :D Stay tuned !
Final exam next week ! Jeng Jeng Jeng -___- Haven't done any of my take home tests !
I'm gonna decide what concept I'll use for drawing test now. Bye !

Friday, June 8, 2012

Loafers , Lace


Long time no polyvore-ing ! :D I'm in love with loafers these days , especially the black spike one ! I have a white loafers , and I think to D.I.Y it , make an ombre loafers maybe .. What do you think ? heheh
FYI, I just bought a white lace dress . I also sell it actually . I will show you if I wear it :))

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alice in the Wonderland

Just watched Alice in the wonderland. I'd forgotten when the last time I watched this movie. I forgot the story already. I watched this because I'm asked to choose a story and make the illustration for children book, not the whole story but only one part. It's for my Illustration final exam. I wish I can do my best, since I don't really great in drawing background :(
Anyway, thanks for following me and your sweet comments on the last post. It makes me motivated to draw better :)
Gonna sleep now , jaa ! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012


last week of 2nd term : still , killer assignments !

I'm doing my sketch assignments right now , doing same thing all day long is boring -_- So , I decided to make a new post , hahaha . My laptop is ok now , but I still have to get a new one . After this , I'm gonna work on my illustration assignment , make a new design of medicine packaging . Then I'll continue the sketching assignment again . Haaaah though last week !
Those are some doodles I made in class , my daily outfit to university :D (except the last 2 pics)
And here is Big Bang's new MV : Monster ! Cool !!! (I was speechless because of Tae Yang's hair lol)

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