Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tough Week via Instagram

 1. illustrations for @kaykayblaisdell 2. finally do this :)) 3. drawing test 4. my messy room 5. some outerwear 6. nonno april issue+freebie 7. nonno may issue+freebie 8. nonno june issue+freebie

I'm lack of sleep this week because of final exam take home tests. When I wake up, first thing that pass my mind is "Ah gotta work on assignments", although I'm not really awake -_- I slept at 4.30 a.m (yes, this morning!) and surely will do it again. You know, this week is "minggu tenang" that means we can rest for a while before the exam starts, but for us (art&design students), it means week for doing the take home test hahaha. From 9 subjects we got, 6 of them are take home. Don't know must be happy or sad lol

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