Monday, June 11, 2012

Casual Sunday

Another annoying face .__.
Top - Big Jill // Skirt - Forever21 // Sneakers - Converse // Satchel - Bugis Street Sg // unbranded watch & leather bracelet
Again, annoying face ! seriously bro, Y U no wait 'till I'm ready ! lol
Here is my personal photographer ! :))
Some outfit photos I took yesterday. I think it's better to take outfit photos outdoor, huh ? This is the most comfortable outfit ! I love simple outfit. I love wearing skirt. I hope I can buy more skirts ! :))
Actually, I took a lot of photos yesterday . I will post about it later :D Stay tuned !
Final exam next week ! Jeng Jeng Jeng -___- Haven't done any of my take home tests !
I'm gonna decide what concept I'll use for drawing test now. Bye !

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