Saturday, June 23, 2012

Neon Zebra

Hi there, final exam weeks is almost over ! 3 subjects to go and welcome freedom ! I've done my magazine (Digital Publishing II) and tabloid (Fontography), and guess what my laptop is crash and it can't be turn on and I HAVE TO RE-DO THEM !! T____T I worked on my magazine assignment (test) until 5 a.m because the file was damaged (yes, I re-did them already that time) and now I have to do that thing for the third time ! *insane*
Thanks to Sary for lending me her laptop so I can do the assignment :') I really wish I could buy a new one right now -____-
About the picture above , I did it when I was studying east art history ;p She wears neon yellow shirt and zebra bandage skirt . Great combination, isn't it ? :))

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