Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Dream Workspace at Home

Hi, dreamers!
I'm still in my hometown and have no internet connection at my grandma's house is really killing me. I must go to my aunt's house to write my blog posts or tethering with my phone (and sometimes it's so slow). So, here I am, writing from my cousin's laptop. Today I want to talk about my dream workspace at home. I haven't officially work in a company and I can say I'm a full time blogger and freelance illustrator now. I've been thinking I need a proper workspace to be more productive and work better.
The picture above was my desk when I still lived in Serpong. I always want to put my own illustrations on the wall. I also put some inspirational quotes to motivate me when I work. I'm easily bored, that's why I also have a portable table that I use when I need a new workspace. I usually worked on the floor in my room or I went outside and worked at the shared living room because sometimes I needed a bigger space. It's something like this:
Messy room was messy. Forgive me. This photo is from my old blog post (here).

My workspace now is similar with the condition above, with some japanese magazines and illustration books laying around. I plan to buy a new table and re-decorate my room, let me save some money first. I'm inspired by WeWork to write this post. They have beautiful shared office space for startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses located in major cities: US, Europe, and Israel. All of the spaces are so beautiful and there's more coming soon. I wish I lived in one of those cities! This one in London is one of my favorite: Soho London.

I browsed Pinterest for inspirations. I really want to have a workspace by the windows but unfortunately I don't have any windows at my bedroom. Somehow I need to work hard to make it happen, my own tiny apartment maybe? Let's get back to my dream workspace. I basically want something like these:
These two workspaces look clean, tidy, and cozy. Imagine to blog here in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee with my favorite K-pop songs. It's my favorite things to do in the Sunday morning actually. I would like to put my favorite toys and some japanese magazines on the desk for sure.
 Workspace with bookshelf can never be wrong! I will fill it with my magazines, novels, mangas, and inspirational books. Idea for my inspiration board, I will also add some polaroid photos here :
  And I finally found this workspace that fit my imagination perfectly:
I always want a workspace like this, with a larger desk and bookshelf near it. It looks organized and clean that I think I can be more productive. I will spend more time here, no doubt. 

How about yours?

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