Friday, September 4, 2015

Food Monster Escape: Three Bears Cafe, Bandung

こんにちは food monsters! During my stay in Bandung, I tried a lot of food and this is one of my favorite place. Three Bears Cafe is located at Paskal Hypersquare, where you can find a lot of restaurants and cafes. Unfortunately I couldn't try another places there, maybe next time.

Back to Three Bears Cafe, it's full of Korean vibe, although it's actually fusion of Korean and Japanese food (with a little twist of western food, I think). It's a three-stories cafe; first floor is quite small, second floor is quite spacious with a pretty sofa near window, and the third floor has outdoor seats, it's also the location that I used to take outfit photos. 
Wall decoration on the first floor
Second floor
Second floor mural and I
Ramen Burger (IDR 36k)

This is a burger made of japanese beef patty,  egg, nori, and greens in ramen bun. It comes with seaweed potato chips and sauce on the side.
The first thing I love when I cut the burger was the egg yolk! It's not perfectly done, yeay. When I ate them together without the sauce, it tasted like not perfectly seasoned. The ramen bun was too bland and felt greasy, I think it would be delicious with more salt and pepper (or another seasoning). Despite that, I still love the patty and egg,of course the chips too. It's also pretty filling for brunch or lunch.

Bear Punch (IDR 28k)
This is not your ordinary fruit punch. It served with freeze fruit punch bars and a bottle of soda. To drink it, simply pour the soda into the glass.
This one was good, it's so refreshing for a hot day. Let it melts a bit and it will taste better. I thought the price was quite pricey at first, but it's actually worth the price :)

Strawberry Cheesecake Bing Soo (IDR 42k)
I shared this with my friend because the portion was pretty big. It's made of ice crush, mochi, boba, milk pudding, strawberry chunks, nata de coco, tea jelly, and of course, cheese cake bites. It came with milk and we just poured it all into the glass bowl.
I love this bing soo so much. It's not too sweet and everything was just matched perfectly. I'm a cheesecake lover and the cheesecake they used was very good. I wish they could add more in there, lol. One minus point: the mochi was not chewy enough, it tasted kinda weird.

Some cakes I found on the first floor display:
Milk & cookie shot
Choco Nutella Tart
Overall, it's a nice place to hang out with your friends or even for a date. The food is good with reasonable price, cute decorations on the each floor, and friendly staff. I really recommend this place to you.

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