Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Food Monster Escape: Herb and Spice

Yoo! I planned to write this review a few days ago but it ended up published today. This is another food I tried in Bandung: Herb and Spice. I first saw this when I visited Prima Rasa with my mom, but we already ate so I just saw the menu and decided that I must try it soon.
Herb and Spice is located above Prima Rasa at Jalan Pasir Kaliki, which is near to where I lived so it's so easy to go there alone. Actually, the reason I'm interested is the books. I feel like spending the whole day reading the books there.
Indoor area with air conditioner
"Herb and Spice"

Outdoor area

Beef Black Pepper (IDR 39k)
I ordered beef black pepper pasta and it's a good choice! It served with beef, bell peppers, and crackers. When I ate this, I didn't need to add tomato or chili sauce because the taste was already rich. The black pepper sauce was perfect, pasta was well cooked, and the (plain) crackers completed the taste.
I think bell peppers successfully made this dish more delicious. I'll recommend this for you who love hot and spicy food. It's perfect, everyone; at least in my opinion. Anyway, it's my bad because I forgot to take photo of the beef. The beef was also well cooked, it's so tender and perfectly seasoned. Now I'm drooling......

Cherry Floral Ice Tea (IDR 23k)
I think we're all familiar with lychee ice tea or peach ice tea, but have you ever tried cherry ice tea? This is the first time I tried cherry ice tea and I fell in love with it. It tasted like ordinary fruit tea when I first drinking it but I could taste the cherry flavor at the end. It's refreshing!

Overall, I really recommend this place. The food is delicious and it's quite affordable, the interior is plus point for this restaurant. I'll definitely come back when I visit Bandung, not by myself so I can try several food :p

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Sweatshirt- Bershka // Skirt- Unbranded // Sneakers- Vans sk8 high // Backpack- Jansport
Yoo dreamers! I'm back with new outfit post. I somehow take a lot of outfit photos after I finished my university activities and I can't wait to post it in this blog. I try to balance the outfit posts and another category posts like Bandung Diary or Food Monster Escape; sometimes I wonder if my readers prefer fashion related posts?
I bought this sweatshirt on new year, the first day of 2015. I didn't plan to do any shopping but when I visited Bershka I saw the Looney Tunes collection and immediately in love with this piece. It's on sale but it's still expensive for me so I persuaded my dad to pay half *bad daughter*. After thinking for so long, I finally got my first Vans. My lovely black Converse is so old already so I want another black sneakers. I originally want the low one but it's out of stock everywhere, and this sk8 high was on sale so I bought it. I always love to combine boyish and girly items together.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bandung Diary: Zenbu, Paris Van Java


When I was in Bandung, I usually explore the city on weekend, alone. That day I went to Paris Van Java to watch Cinderella and to have lunch. I have no problem watching movie or eating alone, fyi I love it. Some friends call me forever alone but who cares, hahaha. I had lunch at Zenbu, a japanese restaurant which I haven't tried before. I will show you what food I ate:
Salmon sushi ball, modanyaki, lychee ice tea
I ordered original modanyaki; it's fried noodle served on a hot pan, egg, and mayonnaise with various toppings. I think they used the similar sauce for okonomiyaki. I didn't finish it because I was already so full although I ordered the regular one. It tasted a little sour and sweet, overall it's so delicious I want to eat it now!! Salmon sushi ball actually tasted so-so, nothing special. 
I still had much time before watching the movie so I strolling around the mall. Paris Van Java is very popular mall in Bandung. I first visited it 4 years ago with my family but I didn't really remember how it was because I have short term memory..... It has outdoor and indoor area; most of the restaurants and apparels stores are in the outdoor area. There were also small booths selling food, beverages, and snack. I also found a lot of cute stores indoor. If you happen to visit Bandung, make sure to stop by! Check the photos below :)
My favorite candy but it's so expensive :(
I love this store!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Whatcha Doin'?

Yoo! Today I decided to make this quick post about what I did in these past 6 months. Not really a recap, I just want to share some photos on my instagram. Kindly follow my instagram: @japobs
Japanese magazine is my ultimate inspiration for both styling and drawing!
I'm a manga addict!

I finally bought this illustration book!!!
I'm a nylonista!
Discovered new flavors! Red bean one is too sweet for me, I love the strawberry flavor :)
Tried Shirokuma green tea/ original soft serve
Assassination Class clutch from nonno
Happy kid! Bershka Looney Toons sweat shirt and new vans sk8 high yeay
Stole my bro's Uniqlo shirt as outerwear; vans is comfortable!
Wore this to meet my friend Yulia

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Top- ITC Mangga Dua // Skirt- Unbranded // Bag- Coach // Shoes- New Look// Watch- Fossil
I met my twins friend, Rosary at Central Park Mall a few days after I finished my internship. We were having birthday lunch, chit-chat, and had some desserts. It's late birthday lunch because we were in different city on our both birthday. We even ordered cake at Aranzi Cafe and asked for a candle, lol. It's actually spontaneous idea.
About my outfit, I wore something...unusual. This top is like the only 'girly' top in my closet, which I got from ITC Mangga Dua with affordable price. To be honest, I am more confident in casual and sporty style. It feels like...more me, even tough it's not bad to dress like this sometimes.
We share the same name, although it's her middle name.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Food Monster Escape: Mangkok Manis

Coconut Delight- 30k
やあ, こんばんは! It seems like dessert is a new trend in Indonesia. You can easily find a dessert house wherever you are. In this post, I will tell you about a dessert house in Bandung; it's originally located at Jalan Cihampelas No. 101 but I visited their temporary booth in Istana Plaza. Let me tell you a story behind these photos. I went to Istana Plaza to have lunch so I didn't bring my DSLR with me. After I had lunch, I spotted this booth near the car exhibition. I ever heard about it from my friend and I want to try it too. The problem is, I didn't have my camera and my phone was also dead. I actually could just eat it without taking any pictures but yeah...I was too blog-oriented, hahaha. I went back to my kost and took my camera then went to Istana Plaza again with public transportation. I wish you like this post :))
Back to Mangkok Manis; it's literally means sweet bowl. Their signature is coconut delight, dessert served in coconut shell. We can pick our favorite ice cream, pudding, and toppings. Basically we'll get 2 scoops ice cream in same/different flavor and 4 toppings (pudding is included in toppings category if I'm not mistaken). Mine was vanilla and strawberry ice cream with black forest pudding, lychee, peach, and nata de coco. The pudding itself is delicious but I don't think it suited my other toppings, lol. Overall, it's not too sweet which means I love it. It's quite affordable with price range IDR 20k - 30k.
They also offer another type of desserts, like ice cream with some 'fancy' cone or pudding favorite. If you visit Bandung to do culinary tour or wisata kuliner, count this place in! :)

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