Saturday, April 30, 2011

Miss A

Miss A is JYP new girl band , another one i know is Wonder Girls . I personally love JYP (Jin Young Park) hehe . Miss A debut in 2010 , i knew their songs on January but i didn't really love it . I didn't download it but now , i suddenly super love their songs and also their dancing .
I'm confused , what "genre" my blog is PhotobucketI just post anything i want . Hmm actually to keep this blog updated . I used to use "Me , my life , and things i love" as my blog description , so i think this is it . haha . Just hope you like reading my blog Photobucket 

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Ali (Christina Aguilera) is a girl with awesome voice that move to Los Angeles to live a life she really want . She go to Burlesque bar and she get impressed by the awesome dancers . She want to be on the stage and try to persuade the owner , Tess (Cher) . Tess ignore her , and Ali be a waitress because of Jack , a friendly bartender in Burlesque .
Later, Tess auditions Ali and hires her as one of the dancer to replace a newly pregnant beautiful dancer named Georgia (Julianne Hough). One night, Nikki (Kristen Bell), the most famous dancer in this bar, gets drunk and is not allowed to perform by Tess, so Ali takes her place. Nikki cuts the music out of jealousy, but Ali impresses everyone with her own voice. She becomes the new star of the bar and earns it a reputation.[wikipedia]

I think this movie is awesome !! I love Cher and also Christina's voice . This movie didn't make me bored and I'm really impressed with the dancers and performance and songs . WOW ! Photobucket

Fav songs :

Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi , i just created 3 new sets on Polyvore after a looooonggg hibernate haha . Will create a lot of sets again , so stay tuned Photobucket 
I love when skull meets flower and anything girly Photobucket
Mix the ruffle top with ripped jeans and blazer or cardigans , wear your favorite pumps and add some fun accessories Photobucket
This look is inspired by Japan spring trend .Girly lace socks and heels is perfect combination ! Photobucket 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photoshop - play with color

Holaaa ! Finally , i edited my photos using Photoshop . I usually edit photos by Photoscape because i'm just too lazy to 'play' with the color . And i just edited 4 photos that i took when i went to Pacific Place last December . 
nanny and blackberry
Err this photo makes me wanna go there and eat now . Nanny's Pavilion is a great place , with the bathroom concept . Different place , different concept . Cool ! I will post it again when i go there , of course with the food photos hehe . The foods are yummy anyway !
the cute chicken sponge . Wanted to take it home Photobucket
The glass ball . I love this so much Photobucket
This dressing desk is adorable Photobucket
Photos info :
- Taken by Sanyo VPC-T700
- Edited with Photoshop


Finally , I'm free ! Ok , not totally free because I still don't know the exam result . But I just wish I CAN PASS !!! I don't need to study any school lessons anymore . That's what i call FREEDOM ! haha anyway I wish i didn't make any mistake in filling the answer sheet . I'm so afraid of it :(

Back to "I'm free" , I can do anything i like now . Blogging , sleeping , watch a bunch of movies , reading comics , etc Photobucket 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Accessories Hauls and UN

I ordered some accessories from an online shop , stuff are from China . It arrived yesterday , i love the rings i bought , but pretty not satisfied with the necklace . It looks nice in the picture , but when i got it , it's not as nice as the picture . I also show you the Eiffel necklace and earrings that i got from my friends as birthday present .

I love that sweet skull ring so much , haha :p
And FYI , i'm going to leave this blog for 4 days . I MUST study harder to face my very last exam in high school , UN (Ujian Nasional) or National Exam . I have study , but i just feel that i haven't ready for this exam :( I wish that i'm really lucky for those 4 days (Monday to Thursday) so that i still can answer although i can't do it . hahaha . Guessing i mean :p
Ok guys , just wish me luck :) :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bday Present part II

Show you my B'day presents from my auntie , hehe . My aunt gave me that cute girl , actually she is a 'piggy' bank , and another aunt gave me that pink Hello Kitty doll . A little too pinky , lol . My uncle's wife gave me a wallet , and the other gave me those cute pens and lenses case , but i'm not wearing lenses anymore haha
and give some review of my new hello kitty wallet . tee hee so happy :) 
P.S = Sorry for the (maybe) too small pics :|

Japan - Giant Converse Sneaker

This giant converse sneaker appears in front of the Aoyama Children's Castle . This 5 meter shoe can help Japan from discover from the natural disasters . Children wrote "Ganbatte ! " , " Fight" , "Pray For Japan" , and smiley faces are recurring themes . Ok , i wish i could write any words there , but it's just impossible for me to do it now haha :')

SOURCE : (You can read it completely here)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bday Present part I (from friends)

In this post i'm going to show you what i got for my birthday present . So love them Photobucketmy beloved 23 friends
Insight dream bag
I've wanted this bag from January !!!! Big thanks to them mehehee Photobucket
HK set
Phoebe & Chloe
Really thanks friends :)

My BEST Bday EVER *pic heavy*

Late night post , hehe . Today was a very nice day you know :p First , it's my 18th birthday . Second , i'm lucky for having such a best friends like them . The SUPER DUPER BEST FRIENDS : San Antonia (: Tiffany , Paula , Yulia , Windy , Olivia , Linda , and Sonia and of course me) . We were in one basketball team 2 years ago , and it's when our friendship began :p
And the other friends Livia , Erlin , Rika , Yurika , Merry , Yurika , Winna , Elvira , Olivia S , Vanessa , Stefani , Melifa , Kalonica , Valens , Fitria , Charlie , and Lenny . Thx for everything :)
Okay , i let the pics show you my happy day Photobucket
San antonia
SA again love them
my bday cake by SA
They're San Antonia - without me 
P.S = It's their handmade cake . yummy :D
*Photos by : Charlie 

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