Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photoshop - play with color

Holaaa ! Finally , i edited my photos using Photoshop . I usually edit photos by Photoscape because i'm just too lazy to 'play' with the color . And i just edited 4 photos that i took when i went to Pacific Place last December . 
nanny and blackberry
Err this photo makes me wanna go there and eat now . Nanny's Pavilion is a great place , with the bathroom concept . Different place , different concept . Cool ! I will post it again when i go there , of course with the food photos hehe . The foods are yummy anyway !
the cute chicken sponge . Wanted to take it home Photobucket
The glass ball . I love this so much Photobucket
This dressing desk is adorable Photobucket
Photos info :
- Taken by Sanyo VPC-T700
- Edited with Photoshop

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