Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i want DSLR A.S.A.P !!!!


I wish i could buy one of these . My friend told me that Canon EOS 550D is better . But the price is quite expensive for me . Canon EOS 500D is around 6000k and Canon EOS 550 D is around 7000k . I need this camera soon , but i'm not sure i could buy it in this year :(
I love photography yet blogging . I think with this camera i can take good photos . I dream to be a street style snapper . Seems like so much fun (lol)

So , just pray for me . Wish me luck for my university scholarship test . Maybe if i get the scholarship i can buy this camera A.S.A.P :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Candy's 17th Birthday Party

Last Sunday i went to my friend's bday party :)
That night was raining so heavy . i went to my friend's house and my another friend pickes us up .
The party was very awful :)
We enjoyed it , girl ! :D

So , these are some photos we took :

Nov - Me - Olip - Yul - Meri - Pani - Shel

This is it : F4 without our leader Tao Ming Se lol
She couldn't come . So sad :'(
Yessss they're my best friends ever :*

and the birthday girl Candy :)

but this is FAKE cake =.=

Monday, September 20, 2010

Meiji Plain Crackers

I just tried that cracker 2 days ago , although my mom has bought it since last month from Singapore .
The taste is not bad if you eat it with hot chocolate :)
Oishii naaa~
Yes , actually the cracker is plain cracker but i tasted like a bit salty :)
That night i ate this while reading Detective Conan . The best detective comics ever !

Friday, September 17, 2010

たこやき と おこのみやき

- たこやき -

- おこのみやき -

FINALLY ! i ate takoyaki and also okonomiyaki yesterday ! \(^o^)/
Actually my friend ate okonomiyaki and i ate takoyaki ..
I forgot to take photo before we ate , so gomen for the 'not OK' photo :D
I just knew yesterday that there's this cafe in town =.=
OK , OK first i thought that it's a CYBER ! *@*

AKH ! the taste is NOT BAD AT ALL ! UMAIIII~
i will often go to this cafe i think .
Next time i will eat ramen , outside of the cafe . So Japan ~(`o`)~
Arigatou , Meck World :)

jaa ne !

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We went to Mempawah , Wisata Nusantara yesterday .
We arrived around 2 pm and soooooo hot there !
My aunt and my grandma just sat while my cousins and i played ATV . I thought it's easy but actually pretty difficult haha

We went to a unknown island by boat . The water around there is so clear and it color is green !
Because we used bigger boat , so we couldn't stop .
Here are some photos taken by me . Enjoy !

And my fav shots :

I love this last photo , sorry for the bad quality ;(

Monday, September 13, 2010

this is why i LOVE japan

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Dome

Shibuya 109

Shibuya - Hachiko

Mt. Fuji

Harajuku Station

Itsukushima - Shinto Torii

Kyoto - Kiyomiduzera temple

Kyoto - Himeji Castle

Actually , those are only a little part of Japan .
I love all about Japan that i can't mention all here . Gomen ne !
Someday , i will take photos of them by myself :)
Im hungry and going to find something to eat .
Jaa na !

Saturday, September 11, 2010


おはよう ございます :)

Again , i will post things i want .
Maybe it wont be fullfiled now , but SOMEDAY . hahaha !
As i ever said before , im going to buy DSLR if my money enough already :D
I also want a polaroid actually .
I think that camera is cute.
Polaroid is quite cheap i think , but my mom will kill me if i buy 2 cameras -.-
And it means that i have 3 cameras (SLR , digital , and polaroid) ,
sometimes i wonder what i want to buy for =_=
I just want , i just like , but its not really needed . Omooo what the ~

Ah , i craving for this :
Really cute aaaaaaaaaargh !!!!

I'll try to save my money in the bank so that i can't take it lol
okay , jaa ne !

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Best Hairstyle" September

These are hairstyle i love :D
my most fave one is the long curl hair .
Seems like curly hair is always stunning in Japan :)
And of course their hair color lol
hmm how if i have my hair blonde ? :D
no no , just kidding !
here :
what do ya think ?? i love the right one :)
totemo kirei desu ~

yesss just wanna tell you 'bout that . jaa ne !

やすみ !!! \(^o^)/

おはよう ございます :)
私は、こんしゅう やすみ です !

yesss , i have one week holiday !
today , im going to take silicon case for my friend and im going to buy some movies .
i wish i could find MIURA HARUMA's movie like "Koizora" and "Kiminitodoke"
Omooo , he is really COOL ! Perfect japanese guy huahahaha *melting

And he is much more handsome with white hair ! really im dying x_x

*nosebleed x_x

Ok , ok .
im too weak to write now because of miura :*
have a nice holiday !!!
すてきなやすみを :)

じゃ ね !!

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