Sunday, March 24, 2013

Coming Soon : JxK

I'm planning a project with my friend. I must forget it for awhile because of the assignments and exams. Groar!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Don't Hate Me

Hey yo! Just fyi, I think I won't update this blog until next next week maybe....... I suddenly have so many assignments because mid term test is near. I'll celebrate my birthday next month with exam material hahaha :") The photo above was taken because I had nothing to do...(okay, actually I was just lazy to do anything :p) and because I haven't posted any OOTD for quite long time...or not? lol
Okay, just saying....don't leave my blog if it's lack of update because I really have a lot of things to do, and hopefully I could meet my friends this weekend, I miss them so much, we don't meet each other for almost one year . I'm doing my 3D animation-I assignment now, and must do rigging to the 3D shark, also have to practice for acting class. I'm wondering if I could sleep today. My bad, have to finish assignments and still writing this OTL Annyeong~
You can follow my instagram (@japobs) for daily update hehe 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blogger Illustration : Willabelle Ong
Try to make digital blogger illustration because it has been a long time ago since I used graphic tablet for drawing. I made Pale Division illustration this time and I am sooo happy because she likes it x) I enjoy drawing outfit illustration so much!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blogger Illustration : Imogen De Souza
Love this simple outfit. The color of the dress is lovely :)

Blogger Illustration : Steffy Kuncman
The color turned out like thisss :( I'll draw a better one next time...... I used wrong pen to make outline -_- You can check out her lookbook , she has a sweet style :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Food Monster Escape : Han Gang

side dishes :)
Idk what is this but it tasted so good :9
kimchi jjigae
bulgogi bibimbab
kimchi bibimbab
The side dishes come after we order food and it's free :) Overall the food is good, but the gunmandu was out of expectation. I looove the kimchi jjigae and I'll just order it and rice next time. I'm drooling every time I edit food photos / make a food post. I'm hungry!! lol

Han Gang
Mall Taman Anggrek lt. 4


I'm so into kkxx (stylenanda) cap lately, because I don't have it, I draw it OTL

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Haul and Thought

Just got a new backpack because the old one has broken :"( My friend said that the color is not good for eyes lol but I love the color so much ;3 Mom also bought me that Topshop socks. Yeay finally have a pair of lace socks hehe.
Anyway.... I don't know why but I feel so confused about my major lately. I took animation but I don't think I have enough passion (and skill) in it. I'm suddenly at lost haha :| Maybe it's just because this semester is kinda boring because of the theory subjects idk T_T I wish I could pass this semester smoothly. I'm being so-not-productive this semester OTL

Street Style Inspo [2]

Hola finally a street style inspo post! This time I took the photos from Tokyo Fashion . It's one of my favorite website. Every time I visit it, I realize how I love fashion...and Japan :") Can you see what's similar in these photos? Yes, they wear creepers! I wanted to buy one yesterday in New Look but it's sold out *sob. I think I'll go for Gosh. hahaha :3

Friday, March 8, 2013

Outfit : Hey Wolf!

wolf tee - rock eagle // floral shorts - surfer girl // yellow sneakers - converse // backpack - icon
It's a simple outfit I wore to Taman Anggrek Mall last Sunday. This is really the most comfortable outfit :p Don't you love my wolf tee? I love it so much! It's from my auntie :D She bought it in Singapore. Anyway, it's my new glasses. The old one is not suitable for my eyes anymore :(
anddd, I'm watching Music Bank in Jakarta tomorrow !!!!! So excited that I finally can watch them :') I'll make a post about it! Hope I can take some photos/videos :D stay tuned guys!
Hype! :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sushi Tei & Outfit

OMG I want that korilakkuma piggy(?) bank!!!
"I eat Canon"
chuka idako
salmon mentai - recommended :) my fav!
ebi mentai
salmon sushi
inari (wakame & tuna)
inari & ika sushi (raw squid) I didn't eat it :p
grilled chicken ramen
Forever 21 x disney jumper // Cardinal ladies shorts // Charles&Keith flats // id girl backpack
I went to Karawaci Supermall 2 weeks ago with my dad and my brother to install Adobe Premiere and Illustrator to my laptop. We ate Sushi Tei and I feel so regret now because my brother and I thought that no more all you can eat event that time *sob
I found korilakkuma piggy bank when I walked pass Gramedia, it's big and I want it!! *_*

Monday, March 4, 2013

Origamii Photo Store SMS

I got free photo from this new photo store, Origami :))
The photo studio (or box) with very nice lighting and properties like colorful hair, glasses, hat etc. :)
We can choose and edit our photos here!
They offer 2 options : Paket A and Paket B
Cuteeee frames (I'll buy it soon) and polaroid bag
nice frame for your polaroid photos! (there is bigger one)
mini album and paper frames
They also sell Polaroid camera, refill, and the accessories :D
Summarecon Mall Serpong phase I 
Lt. 2F - 16A (dekat Hoka-Hoka Bento)
twitter//facebook : origamiicom

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