Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blogger Illustration: Rosalinda Tjioe
Rosalinda from nine in the afternoon is one of my favorite Indonesian blogger. Her style is different from the first time I read her blog, but I still love it. I actually made this since the outfit post published, but I just finished this last night because of my never-ending-animation-assignments.
じゃあ, おやすみなさい!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Dress- Batik Keris // Wedges- UP // Sling bag- Stradivarius
2 weeks ago I went to my relative's marriage on Restoran Angke. I got this batik dress from my aunt in Solo and I love the color so much, although it's actually too big for me :'( Overall, the food that served are delicious. I love that fried-something and pork the most! Because it's already served like this, I don't even know what are these food's name. So....yeah.....just enjoy the pictures!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Bajau, Singkawang
Bajau, Singkawang
Kuching, Malaysia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta, in front of Central Park Mall
Ancol, Jakarta
Forgot-the-name near Lido
Cluster Newton, Serpong
New Apartment, not sure about the name, Serpong
UMN's (campus) canteen, it was raining so hard!
Hi there! I'm still doing my assignment right now. I'm waiting for the rendering to be done so I write this instead. Actually these pictures can be seen in my instagram, go follow me if you haven't ;) Some photos were taken few years ago. Time flies really fast.

Pics were edited by VSCOcam.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Food Monster Escape: FOOK YEW

Playsuit- Forever21 // Outer- Heath // Loafers- Planet Surf
Hey there! I finally tried Fook Yew few week ago with my mom and bro. I hooked by the restaurant design, it's so oriental and beautiful, and overall the food is nice too! I just bought 50mm lens a week before and I haven't used to it so the photos didn't turn out really good. It made me lazy to take photos so....this is not a detail review.
I ordered Taichi Master bubble tea and baked rice with tomato or chicken fillet something, I don't even remember what did my bro ordered, my bad. I think I have to take note about the food's name next time. I love the baked rice even though it's a little too sweet(?) for me. I think it will be really nice if they bake it a little longer. The 4 colors dumpling also tasted so good! Service is good, and the price is pretty pricey but the food worth the price. I know this is far from a good review, but I recommend you to try Fook Yew :)
I'm on a tight schedule right now, a bunch of assignments to do and I'm writing this on my campus' canteen while waiting for my friends to do group assignment. Hope you like this post! 

Fook Yew:
Grand Indonesia Mall 
West Mall, 3th Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin, Jakarta

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Jumper- GoGirl! Freebie // Skirt- Uniqlo // Totebag- X-girl // Socks- Forever21 // Creepers- Gosh
bonus shot: wearing Uniqlo floral denim jacket, it was on sale :))
The best food of the month (Feb): Mi Bo Kho
I went to Lippo Mall Kemang Village with my mom and her friends, because I had some days off 2 weeks ago. I had my lunch at monViet, a vietnamese restaurant and orderes Mi Bo Kho (beef stew noodle). It's really delicious and I love it so much, will definitely come back to try another menu (or I will just order this again). I didn't take a lot of photos because there were my mom's friends :p

Lippo Mall Kemang Village
Avenue of the Stars, 1st floor
Jakarta Selatan

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