Tuesday, May 31, 2011


『こっちむいて!みい子』が好き means I love "Hi , Miiko" :D
I've been reading Miiko since i was in primary school (and of course , Detective Conan too :p) I love reading manga (comic) and actually ever dream to be a mangaka (comic creator) . I still want to be mangaka , but it's not my prior dream now , I want to be animator . A great animator Photobucket
Today i just bought the newest volume of  "Hi , Miiko" , volume 23 Photobucket
I don't have all because i like to borrow it from my friends or comic rental :p
Miiko vol 23 . Basketball , 23 , Tappei . Love love love Photobucket 
23 and basketball . I love it Photobucket 
I laughed like a drain when i saw this !!!! LOL 
Miiko! Fan book Photobucket

Btw , i ate bakcang ! Photobucket You know what is it ? It's food contains of sticky rice , meats , mushrooms , and beans which is wrap by bamboo(my grandma said) or banana's leaf . Chinese traditional food i think . 

Friday, May 27, 2011

SHINee - Replay japanese version / 君は僕の Everything

SHINee - Replay japanese version is released now . Super love it . Actually i also love the korean one :D :D
I love Min Ho the most .
And this is the korean (old) version :

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finally sushi

Finally , today I went hang out with my friend , Yulia . We went to Ayani mall to eat sushi at Hoshi Tei Photobucket We ate omurice with karage and 3 kinds of sushi (I forget their name) . So happy i can eat sushi again after around 5 months i think Photobucket After i move to Jakarta i will often eat sushi yeyyy !
We walked around and finally i renew my Stroberi member card Photobucket The new card design is cute. like it :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First time

Hello ! This afternoon I just did my very first artwork using photoshop . Okay , this is not the first time I use photoshop , but i never tried to color my drawing with photoshop before . Anddd I just tried it , really hard but finally I finished it !!Photobucket
Hmm sorry for the not really good result , this is my first time :p
Theeennn I have 4 glasses now -_- One is for daily wear , and the other I almost never wear them :p
Psst , I'm using my handmade hair clip :D

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Min ft. P.O.I - Connect [Debut Single]

He is soooooo cuteeee !!!!!!!! Photobucket

Best Friends - San Antonia

We didn't know each other when we were 1st grade of SHS students . Been in same class , and THANKS for the "KOMBATS" basketball match because without that we wouldn't be this close :) Made basketball team consist of 8 girls who loves basketball and loves eating very much .
And now after 3 years , we must be separated by distance . But yes , distance won't keep us apart Photobucket
We have our own choice , and "Good Luck" for all of us . Ganbatte ne Photobucket Someday we will meet as successful people (Amen)
San Antonia and our coach :D
Paula - Tedy - Yulia - Windy - Sonia - Tiffany
Me- Linda - Olivia
Heri - Biondy - Evenus
PS : San Antonia's promnite photos are not with me -_-
The old us : 

Looklet - ohisashiburi yo !

(This should be past week's post) OMG -_-
Ohisashiburi Looklet ! Because of i-don't-know-why reason , i can't save my look on Looklet . These 2 looks  needed several times to save you know . Make me so mad Photobucket 
My favorite style Photobucket mini dress and knee high socks are popular in Japan this spring season .
Actually , she is so beautiful Photobucket 
I love to mix girlie look with boyish look . It's fun :p
the the newest set from my polyvore yeyy ! "City Walk"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What dou you guys think about my header?

Before :
After :

what do you think about my new header , readers? :)
My old header and the new one is pretty much different i think ,the old one is so crowded but the new one , simple ._.
But actually i love it :p how about you ? :D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jeremy Scott & wings

I love Wings . That's why I also love Jeremy Scott's design for shoes and another fashion items . The newest one is the ballerina shoes . Available in 3 colors : Black (polkadot) , pink , and white . They're cute Photobucket 
And I also adore the Jeremy Scott X adidas , yes the wing sneakers . SO COOL and my mom won't buy me Photobucket She said it doesn't suitable for me 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

japobs come back :D

After around one year I stop my favorite activity-making crafts-now I'm going to start it again . I still have 3 months until I start my univ life . I better spend my time to do this than just watch movies haha . I will sell it on GoGirl! store . Wish me luck ! :D

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