Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best Friends - San Antonia

We didn't know each other when we were 1st grade of SHS students . Been in same class , and THANKS for the "KOMBATS" basketball match because without that we wouldn't be this close :) Made basketball team consist of 8 girls who loves basketball and loves eating very much .
And now after 3 years , we must be separated by distance . But yes , distance won't keep us apart Photobucket
We have our own choice , and "Good Luck" for all of us . Ganbatte ne Photobucket Someday we will meet as successful people (Amen)
San Antonia and our coach :D
Paula - Tedy - Yulia - Windy - Sonia - Tiffany
Me- Linda - Olivia
Heri - Biondy - Evenus
PS : San Antonia's promnite photos are not with me -_-
The old us : 

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