Thursday, February 27, 2014


“Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say”

Got this jumper from a boutique in ITC Mangga Dua, it's actually boy's jumper but whatever I love it! The material is good, but this is not a jumper you can wear everyday unless it's raining or you go to any place with air conditioner. 
Anyway, college life becomes busy again. I have to do a lot of assignments and projects, most of them are group work so it's a little more interesting than you must do the projects by yourself. I actually have to finish some designs requested by my friend (a long time ago) and I haven't finished it yet because of some problems. I want to make new designs for smartphone case but I don't have idea to do it. I'm back on my path now, hopefully I can finish them one by one.
Jaa, I wish I could do nothing now! I wanna just sleep and watching dorama and reading comics and sleep again.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WANDERLUST: Cap Go Meh in Pontianak

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The one from my neighborhood :)
This is what people usually do on Cap Go Meh in Pontianak. Gajah Mada is one of the main roads in Pontianak, and it's the route for the dragons and lions attractions. It's actually just the same every year, but people still so crowded fyi. It's more crowded and festive in Singkawang though.
Jaa, hope you enjoy this post! I don't have much things to say because the photos can tell it all, huh? I have to attend class in the morning. Oyasumi!

Friday, February 21, 2014

WANDERLUST: Cap Go Meh Night Market

Drawn Snails, usually sold in front of schools
House for the snails, so cute! Haha :))
The crowd!
Lanterns, lanterns, lanterns
FOOD!! :))
I forgot, is this Batagor or Siomay?
Chocolate Ice Cream
Blueberry Fried Ice Cream
Sausages :9
Hi! Here is new category of my posts: Wanderlust! hehehe I went back to my hometown, Pontianak to celebrate Chinese New Year because you know, it's much more festive there :") I regret I DIDN'T TAKE ANY PHOTOS of first day of CNY :( I finally celebrate it in Pontianak after 2 years celebrate in Jakarta because I had final exam.
Another important tradition is Cap Go Meh, it's 15th day of CNY and usually celebrated with lion and dragon attraction. I will post it on my next post so stay tuned! :) There is night market one week before Cap Go Meh and it was so crowded so it was difficult to take photos properly. Hope you enjoy this post! :))

Thursday, February 20, 2014

ZALORA Indonesia

Who doesn't love shopping? It sometimes can release your stress (or you'll be more stressed because spent all the money haha). Shopping nowadays become so easy because we can shop without leaving home. There are some online shopping sites in Indonesia, and one of them is Zalora. Zalora Indonesia offers free shipping in Indonesia with some conditions applied for several areas and Cash On Delivery payment.
You can search something you need by clicking the categories or in the search bar. Zalora offers a lot of brands, local and international brands such as Surfer Girls, Ezra, Etude House, etc. Just check it out by yourself! Click click!
Ah, because smartphone is a must-have-gadget now, Zalora Indonesia also launched the mobile app for iOS and Android. You can shop directly from your smartphone! :D
Here are some items I love:
I actually want to buy a black sling bag but seems like it's been sold out because the link can't be found T__T
So, what are you waiting for? Click the link and start shopping! :))

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