Friday, September 30, 2011

High Heels Sketch + Larva

I sketched this yesterday :) Actually I'm asked to sketch minimal 5 sketches every week by my traditional painting lecturer . Traditional painting class is fun I think . I wish I could draw better :)
Larva is really a funny cartoon movie !! It's from korea and it's also played in Indonesia local television station RCTI . Make sure you watch it because you'll enjoy it so much and addicted to it ! hahahaa I love the creative ideas and their (larva) super funny expressions lol
You can watch it on YouTube , but I will post another one on next post . Enjoy ! :)

PS :  I have a lot of assignments to do T^T 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Super Junior A-Cha MV + Random Things

New header :
Big Dreamer new header
I looked at my pencils in my cute Hello Kitty pencil case and inspired :p
first drawing task
Hey yeah I got 85 (A) ! ;)
enjoy it !
beef kwetiau

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seventeen + bonus review

Finally got new magazines ! Couldn't find Steady or Sweet or nonno , so I bought Seventeen . That August issue's bonus was taken by my Mom -__- 
This is the bonus . Really sorry for the bad quality pics :( The size is 33x42x17cm . I think it's cute , I love the polkadot motive and some "ingni" written :) It's thin and waterproof , I thought to use it to univ but I must bring so many drawing tools , this lovely bag may torn ><
Ingni bag
Some favorite outfit I love :
Coffee Beer
denim meets denim

Friday, September 23, 2011

Super Junior - A-CHA TEASER

New teaser of Super Junior . Waa I didn't post any teaser or MV for pretty long time ! hehe

Ohayo ! Good Morning !

Good morning!
messy room
Good morning people ! :) I'm having my breakfast , alone in my messy room . I still have a lot of assignments to do :( I have to finish my drawing principles assignments today so that I can back to Jakarta with no burden -__- Okay , actually I want to do my mockup as well but I haven't buy the materials so I'll do it at home tomorrow . Tonight I'm back to Jakarta after break dance practice yeay !
PS : I was stressed out ...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ramen VS KungFu Bento

This is the 3rd day , I'm tired but I just feel so excited to do my assignments . I probably can't do as nice as them but at least I'm trying my best . I'll never give up that easy :) I've done my blog assignment about colour theory (Click Here!) After this I'm gonna do my drawing assignment . It's difficult :( And the next to-do is making 3 mockups . Wish I could finish all in this week :D
And I have no mood to eat anything related to rice and chicken !! So I ate ramen cup hahha... It's delicious :9
Then.... What do think about my new Juizzy Woozy tee "KUNGFU BENTO" ?? I love it soo much x)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hope whispers one more try

First day of university life :) I wish I could be more patient and could handle my stress level :D This is not easy at all , I just can try and do my best . Never , never , never give up !

When your mind says give up , hope whispers one more try

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bandung , Aug/Sept 2011

Photos are taken when I went to Kawah Putih , Bandung , Indonesia end of August :)
Green Forest
kaaak kaaak

PS : I start attending classes tomorrow . Please wish me luck :) Ganbarimasu !

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hello there !!! I really miss blogging ;) Now I start to live my university life . Picture above is my room , sorry for the messy cables ! haha just ignore it please :p This is my best spot in my room :D My schedule has been told and I must go to university from Monday to Thursday . I wish I could go back to Jakarta every weekend ;) My very first class is on Saturday . Wish me luck ^^
When I finally have routines after a long long long holiday (around 5 months), I really wish I could go back to that time :p I really wanna read my favorite blogs but I just can't do it now :( I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow and also Thursday . I'm super busy and tired but I think Friday I can read your blogs x)

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