Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things .

Hello guys ! So happy I can update my blog today !! :D When I went to dashboard , I was a bit surprise because I got Google adsense invitation (don't know what I can name that thing :p) that said my blog is pretty popular . Happy , of course ! I write this blog with passion :)
f21 floral skirt
Bought a floral dress from Forever 21 ;)
sugar bunny
Me X Sugar Bunny
Wore : Gap stripe tee (finally I got it!) ; unbranded short
HK acc !
lovely stuff
mr.park bibimbap
Ate bibimbap finally :9
wanted fashion illustration
Think to start saving money for this :D It's IDR 300k ++ 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dufan with friends and new hairstyle ! *pic heavy*

blogging @7eleven
Hello there ! Again , I post this at 7eleven ! hehee... Seems like it has been my working place :p

Last Friday I went to Dufan (Dunia Fantasi) with my friends . It was so fun and we played like crazy haha . So lucky that my fat friend Keddy has Mandiri card ,so we bought 1 ticket and get 1 free ticket ! :D
me , paula , & shely
Me and wiwin
without shely
without wiwin
new hair
My new hairstyle . I forgot to take the 'before' photo . But my hair is 'sharp-end' before :p

Some food photos I ate :
mushroom fettuccine
teppanyaki combo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

7 Eleven updated

This is it ! My first quick post in Jakarta haha :D Feeling so lazy and boring live without internet connection! I just watch movies in TV , sketch as much as I want , reading comics and magazines , clean my room . Yeah that's all . Heading to 7eleven just to read blogs and update my blog hehe ;)
Yesterday I met my friend at Central Park but I didn't took any photos ;( Tomorrow we're going to Dufan , it's an amusement park . Hope I can update this blog often , 7eleven is going to be my best friend now ! :p
See ya , guys :)

Friday, August 5, 2011


So this is it ! I'm leaving my hometown tomorrow :( So sad leaving my lovely family here... I wish I could back to Pontianak often :D I'm trying not to cry and seems like it's impossible .__.
Look at the picture above ! Those are some stuffs I got from my cousins , and aunts ;) The cute kitty mug is from my aunt , the Hello Kitty nail clipper is from Novi , Devin gave me that Huggy's School cookies , and that Kungfu Panda money box is from Ari . So love you all :'*
 Ate "Kue Kia Theng" yum yum :9
I will miss this food so much ! And also Keng Ci Kue Tiao ! hahaha :p
Dimsum with Paula :D
PS : This is my last post in Pontianak :'(

Super Junior - Mr.Simple MV

Here we go ! Super Junior's new MV x) Check it out guys , I think you will love this ! :p
And I still love my dancing machine Eun Hyuk  (the blonde one) 

I (finally) install new Windows and added RAM for my lovely laptop ;) In several minutes , it will be D-1 I go to Jakarta :| I used to be so excited but now I feel like going next week , haha ! So much things to bring x__x 
I hope tomorrow I can go eat with my Family :'( 
Anyway I'm not sure I can update this blog at Jakarta because I don't have usb  modem . I can use my Brother's but it's really slow and sometimes it can't connect -__- But of course I hope I can still update my blog and post some outfit photos :D And yeaaah culinary and shoppings ;p

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello , August ! Please be nice ;)

Hi there ! It's August ! Time is running so fast .__. This Saturday I'm leaving to Jakarta :( I'll start my univ life next month . Wish I can live it well ;)
New month , I also have some new plans to do :p 
- I don't wanna be a moody girl anymore .__.
- Sketch more :)
- I'm gonna post some outfit photos x)
- Eat less ! hahaa..:p
- and I'm gonna change my blog header again :D

And this is it , Super Junior's comeback >< They used to be my most favorite boyband and my bias is Eun Hyuk ! Although I thought that their teaser photos are a little 'alay' but no doubt I'm still waiting for their comeback ^^
Super Junior reveals 2 teaser , and I love the 2nd one 
PS : I miss the 13 members Super Junior !

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