Friday, August 5, 2011


So this is it ! I'm leaving my hometown tomorrow :( So sad leaving my lovely family here... I wish I could back to Pontianak often :D I'm trying not to cry and seems like it's impossible .__.
Look at the picture above ! Those are some stuffs I got from my cousins , and aunts ;) The cute kitty mug is from my aunt , the Hello Kitty nail clipper is from Novi , Devin gave me that Huggy's School cookies , and that Kungfu Panda money box is from Ari . So love you all :'*
 Ate "Kue Kia Theng" yum yum :9
I will miss this food so much ! And also Keng Ci Kue Tiao ! hahaha :p
Dimsum with Paula :D
PS : This is my last post in Pontianak :'(

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