Saturday, August 22, 2015

What's Your Hair-O-Scope?

Holla everyone! I'm gonna talk about hair in this post. In my opinion, how we style or dye our hair, it can be a fashion statement, do you agree? I really want to dye my hair purple or pink but for some reasons I'm still a black-haired girl. If you want to dye your hair but you don't know what color will suit you, or what product you should use, I'll introduce you to Madison Reed, a hair color company that has re-engineered permanent color to give you healthier and high performance at home. They're also hair dye and hair care specialist that can give you advice. You can try their hair dye advisor here for a quick result.
I think most of us are aware about horoscope, but how about Hair-O-Scope? To be honest this is the first time I heard about it. Madison Reed presents this to let you consult the constellations about your hair. If you're interested in finding your own hair-o-scope, you can visit their blog here.
They sent me my hair-o-scope (yes, I'm Aries) and I'm quite agree with it. My hair is straight and I don't really need effort to make it looks neat. I actually seldom brush my hair because it'll be neat by itself and I even get that natural blow-dry hair look, lol. This is actually one of my reason not to dye my hair, because I'm afraid it'll be damaged. The minus point of my hair is that it's difficult to have temporary curly or wavy hair because it'll be back to normal very fast. How about your Hair-O-Scope? Visit their page and if you don't mind please leave comment about yours here ;)

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