Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trip to Kuching pt.2 - Sushi King

Here is another post about my trip to Kuching . Sushi special edition :p Maybe you know that i love sushi so much , so when i went to Spring mall , i forced my Mom to eat sushi at Sushi King ! Quite cheap i think , and i ate a lot but didn't feel satisfied at all . I could eat more T^T Can't wait another sushi-time !

With my bro and aunt :)
my sushi plates (minus 2 plates) and ocha
The super favorite one : baby octopus temaki . I ate 2 plates :p
Raw salmon is yummy :9
First time tried scallop nigiri ! Really not bad at all , tasted sweet ><
kani mayo temaki
 yakiniku temaki (forgot to take photo ._.)
 The cheapest one !!!! tamago nigiri
Chicken katsu rice burger
P.S : *DROOLING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trip to Kuching pt.I

Hello!!!!! I'm back ! ~('⌣'~) (~'⌣')~
Had a nice holiday yeyy ! A week without laptop and internet connection , also the blackberry service made me really enjoyed my short trip , hehe . Like usual , i take photos anywhere i go . But , my camera sometimes is so mean to me T^T It doesn't work well, makes me wanna cry and  want to have a new camera (HEY DSLR COME TO ME!!!!)
But okay , i love this camera's focus , it's really nice . But for the indoor event , too bright lightning , or to low lightning will make it REALLY BLUR !!!
So here are some photos taken by my aunt's camera (my mom's camera also broken -_-) , and please just ignore the date and time T^T and stay tuned for my next post ;)
I love sunflower x)
India street :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Leave my blog for several days

Off to Kuching , Malaysia :)
I won't update my blog for several days . Finally have a trip yeyy \(^_^)/

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rilakkuma , Koala , Sketches

So happy because my okaasan and ototochan are here ~('⌣'~) (~'⌣')~
And i have new thing to show you , it's Rilakkuma blackberry case :D My brother bought me Photobucket 

The koala one is my bro's . I don't know why he likes something like this lol
Eiffel keychain from Paris , my sister gave me this :) then i took a photo and edited it . What do you think ?Photobucket 
Yupi choco glee . yummy but too sweet i think :x

My sketch :) Idk why but i love this so much Photobucket
For more , you can visit my Deviant art . Arigatooooo ~('⌣'~) (~'⌣')~

Friday, June 17, 2011

10 things about me (tagged)

Hello there ! :) Yesterday i didn't touch my laptop at all . Miracle ! LOL . It's because i'm watching 'Paradise Ranch' , 2 episodes left yeyy ~('⌣'~) (~'⌣')~ I'm going to finish it today ! I should watch this movie a few weeks ago , but i'm just too lazy :p
Oh , i got tag from Inge , to tell 10 things about me . Here we go !
The rules :

  • Each tagged person must tell 10 things about themselves
  • You have to choose and tag 10 person
  • Go to their blog and tell them you tagged them
  • No tags back
  • Have fun
Okay , 10 things about me :
  1. I'm moody and i really hate it . My mood is really change easily 
  2. Really a big dreamer , hehe 
  3. I love Japan and dream to live there . I love the country , the view , the culture , and fashion for sure . I'm learning Japanese by myself 
  4. In love with photography . I also want to be a photographer besides being a animator (-'⌣'-)
  5. I love eating very much . Seems like diet is so not me :p Loves sushi the most 
  6. I really love blogging and have passion in it 
  7. I love fashion so much , but i often wear whatever-i-want :p
  8. I have a really great family and i love them the most :D
  9. Superb best friends , San Antonia that loves eating so damn much ~('⌣'~) (~'⌣')~
  10. I never have boyfriend (-'⌣'-)
Actually too much things to tell about me . I'm a weird person hehe :p

I tagged : Zizliine , Lenny , Farica , epued , Gretch TM , Epo , Yesha , Joanna , Baka usagi ,EvaYabai 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MBLAQ - 1st concert 'Men in MBLAQ' Teaser

Omooo I really wish i could go to their first concert !!!!!!!!!! I really love them !!!! T^T Mir is so cool here ! All of them are cool . Buy me a ticket to Korea and the concert's ticket please :|

Monday, June 13, 2011

I love both Hello Kitty and Food !

Hello ! :) Finally i can update my blog Photobucket Yesterday i went to supermarket for grocery shopping and i found CUTE HELLO KITTY BOOKS !!!!!!!!Photobucket I bought them and don't know how to bring such a lot of books (comics , japan books , magazines) to Jakarta *sigh . But they're really cute , aren't they ?Photobucket 
And i made pancake for late dinner . Actually because my cousins wanted to eat it hehe .
Random snacks i bought :D I super love Dahfa fish snack !
PS : My mom and brother are coming . Can't wait !! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To keep blog updated

Hello there ! :D Actually i have no idea to update this blog . I love blogging , but i hate when i don't have anything to tell about because of my super long holiday (around 5 months!) I'm too lazy to make something like craft or accessories . I play game everyday -_- hmm last night i gave surprise to my birthday friend , Tiffany . It was really fun , we tied her on the fence and threw eggs , flour , and coffee :p

Here are random things i want right now :
1. Go shopping
2. SUSHI !!!!!! I'm really craving for sushi T^T
3. A backpack :D
4. New sketchbook !
5. Japan magazine . psst , i have that Sweet magazine and of course the cher tote :D
6. Japanese dictionary .

Hmm i also have that popteen magazine , but the taiwan edition . My dad bought me at Hongkong . I still have 2 magazines , one is popteen bought from Kuching , also the taiwan edition . Hope i can buy the japan edition T^T Another one is Steady , bought by dad from Japan :D I still want to buy popteen or another mags when i go to Kuching , i will show you my collection later :D
I love drawing , so i want a new sketchbook , the old one is almost full :D My scanner is broken so i can't scan my drawing :'(
YESSS Japanese dictionary ! I have a lot of Japanese book , but i don't have any dictionary . Gotta buy one :D
I must sleep now . Jaa , oyasuminasai :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Pics - 日本

Visit and follow my tumblr : Deep in Love , Japan
Super nice photos !!! Every time I see photos or anything about Japan , I feel like wanna go to Japan soon , that time if i could :p And every time I see nice photos , my desire to be a photographer is bigger :D Really wish i can go to Japan and be a photographer and take much photos about Japan , the culture , and the citizens . hohoho

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