Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trip to Kuching pt.I

Hello!!!!! I'm back ! ~('⌣'~) (~'⌣')~
Had a nice holiday yeyy ! A week without laptop and internet connection , also the blackberry service made me really enjoyed my short trip , hehe . Like usual , i take photos anywhere i go . But , my camera sometimes is so mean to me T^T It doesn't work well, makes me wanna cry and  want to have a new camera (HEY DSLR COME TO ME!!!!)
But okay , i love this camera's focus , it's really nice . But for the indoor event , too bright lightning , or to low lightning will make it REALLY BLUR !!!
So here are some photos taken by my aunt's camera (my mom's camera also broken -_-) , and please just ignore the date and time T^T and stay tuned for my next post ;)
I love sunflower x)
India street :)

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