Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trip to Kuching pt.2 - Sushi King

Here is another post about my trip to Kuching . Sushi special edition :p Maybe you know that i love sushi so much , so when i went to Spring mall , i forced my Mom to eat sushi at Sushi King ! Quite cheap i think , and i ate a lot but didn't feel satisfied at all . I could eat more T^T Can't wait another sushi-time !

With my bro and aunt :)
my sushi plates (minus 2 plates) and ocha
The super favorite one : baby octopus temaki . I ate 2 plates :p
Raw salmon is yummy :9
First time tried scallop nigiri ! Really not bad at all , tasted sweet ><
kani mayo temaki
 yakiniku temaki (forgot to take photo ._.)
 The cheapest one !!!! tamago nigiri
Chicken katsu rice burger
P.S : *DROOLING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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