Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To keep blog updated

Hello there ! :D Actually i have no idea to update this blog . I love blogging , but i hate when i don't have anything to tell about because of my super long holiday (around 5 months!) I'm too lazy to make something like craft or accessories . I play game everyday -_- hmm last night i gave surprise to my birthday friend , Tiffany . It was really fun , we tied her on the fence and threw eggs , flour , and coffee :p

Here are random things i want right now :
1. Go shopping
2. SUSHI !!!!!! I'm really craving for sushi T^T
3. A backpack :D
4. New sketchbook !
5. Japan magazine . psst , i have that Sweet magazine and of course the cher tote :D
6. Japanese dictionary .

Hmm i also have that popteen magazine , but the taiwan edition . My dad bought me at Hongkong . I still have 2 magazines , one is popteen bought from Kuching , also the taiwan edition . Hope i can buy the japan edition T^T Another one is Steady , bought by dad from Japan :D I still want to buy popteen or another mags when i go to Kuching , i will show you my collection later :D
I love drawing , so i want a new sketchbook , the old one is almost full :D My scanner is broken so i can't scan my drawing :'(
YESSS Japanese dictionary ! I have a lot of Japanese book , but i don't have any dictionary . Gotta buy one :D
I must sleep now . Jaa , oyasuminasai :)

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