Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year in Review: ありがとう 2016

Seriously, time flies so fast! It feels like yesterday when I was writing 2015 year in review and I'm writing another one here. A lot of things happened this year, good and bad, thankfully most of them are good things tho. I've learned a lot, I've met a lot of new people, I've done something I thought I wouldn't do (or feel), I've experienced something hurtful, I've tried new things, but on top of that I'm really grateful for this year. It's like a new world for someone introvert and don't-want-to-care person like me (please, no more "bodo amat" next year). Enough of blabbering, let's just hop to the point: highlights of 2016. Go!
Learn something big and important in my life: His timing.
I know it's too soon to get into slump but I did feel so depressed because there's nothing went as I wished for. I've graduated from university but not yet get a full-time job, I was freelancing tho. I was pressured to get a "proper job" because people were asking me "Have you found a job?", "Where are you working now?", "Why haven't you got a job? You've graduated right?" blablabla. It's not like I'm not trying, I tried but it just didn't go well. The worst thing was, I started to lost faith about God. It's like I didn't get what I prayed for. I failed here and there but in the end, I surrendered to Him and decided to keep in faith, once again. I was still trying tho, visiting job fair and stuff, hahaha. Then, suddenly, my friend told me that the place he's worked for was looking for designer and I decided to submit my CV and portfolio. It worked like magic, I was called for interview and test, then got accepted on the same day. You guess what, I didn't even talk to that friend for a long time although we're always in the same school. 

Got my first full time job
Ah yeah, you just read the long-story-short above ;p I'm still working there right now. I'm thankful that my first job offers me a lot to learn and it suits my passion too. I also meet a lot of great people who are much more experienced and told me about anything I need to know. And yeah........too many things happened because of this section of my 2016 life. HAHAHA *then cry* let what happened in 2016 stays in 2016 :")

Cerita Kita Contributor
Udah pengen ikut sebenarnya dari dulu, tapi emang karna banyak alasan aja akhirnya lupa daftar dan batal ikut. Tahun ini juga udah berkali-kali buka website mau daftar tapi ada aja alasan buat akhirnya close tab and forget about it for awhile. Nggak tahu juga gimana akhirnya I decided to sign in and realized my age already pass the age limit after I hit the submit button, hahaha. I actually grateful that I realized it after I submitted the form, karna kalau nggak aku pasti nggak akan daftar. Turned out that I was chosen as one of the finalists. Yeay! I chose fashion as my interest and asked to do styling + upload flatlay photo to Instagram. I didn't really expect to win but you know......I'm one of the winner and officially became the contributor for their website! So sad that this month is the last :(

Gogirl! Apprentice
Sometimes, one thing will lead to another thing. Because I was chosen as one of the Cerita Kita contributor, I was also offered to be the apprentice for Gogirl! magazine. Gogirl! is one of the most popular magazine in Indonesia and I've read it since forever. Who knows, one day I'll be writing for them? Although it's for their website (not for the published magazine), I still got a very amazing experience! I actually kinda worried I'm not good enought at first but turned out I still continue writing for them after the 3 months period :)

What We Like Featured Blogger
You see, as long as you want to try, opportunities will come find you. I saw some of articles on their website and turned out I can easily sign up and write there (not yet become their featured blogger) so I wrote my very first article: How to Style Sukajan. I forgot the exact time but they contacted me and offered me to be their featured blogger. How can I say no? I'm writing there since then, I think it's been 8 months now. I wish I can keep on writing good articles there! Oh, I must mention that thanks to this, I met a lot of new friends who share the same passion: poke Stevie Wong and Michele. I hope I can meet another fellow featured blogger in the future ;)

Write about 160++ articles (WhatWeLike, GoGirl, Cerita Kita)
I can't even count the exact number but I think I wrote a bunch of articles this year. Outfit post, product review, event report for this blog; articles for What We Like, Go Girl, and Cerita Kita. I'm also a content creator (animator, video editor, curator, motion graphic designer, you name it hahaha) at my office so yeah, it's already part of my life now. There's time when I feel overwhelmed and all I want to do is forget everything and sleep, but I really love what I'm doing right now.

Featured on Cosmo Girl! one full page!!!
Have talked about this in this post: Dreams do come true. It's like one of my biggest satisfaction this year :))

Dyed my hair
Okay...this is one of my best; craziest; bravest decision this year: dyed my hair pink, then turquoise-purple hair later. I've wanted to dye my hair since 2013 and my mom wouldn't let me. So when I already earn my own money, let's just go for it, lol. It felt so weird at first because I was afraid it didn't suit me, plus people were staring everytime I pass. As time goes by, I became more confident with my hair color, especially with this second color ;))

First step achieving my dream: checked!
Will tell you later! xD

Solo escape to Bogor
Yes...I got even crazier this year. I do love watching movies alone or sitting at the cafe and working on stuff alone, but this is the most random impulsive thing I did: escaping to Bogor just to ride bycicle at Kebun Raya Bogor and toge goreng hunting. HAHAHA. I was just too stressed about something and met too many people continuously at that time so I need to recharge myself alone *introverts problem*. Haven't posted about it at this blog tho :( I haven't edited the video T.T Will tell you more in the future post, okay?

I'm really blessed and grateful much more than last year because I got closer to God this year altough the process was kind of hard. A few weeks ago I heard some news about one of the studio that I failed to be accepted and really really thankful that God didn't let me get what I wished for back then. I learned that we can plan, but all the decision is with Him. That's why there's saying "Do your best and let God do the rest."
I don't think I do something big this year, but there are so much little things that make my life better. Butttt......I failed to do some of my 2016 resolutions such as: Making lookbook videos or any other fashion/beauty/lifestyle related videos T.T Will make it comes true next year!!! (Maybe new year resolutions in separated post, will see). That's it. Wish you a really HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Wear Stripes and Lace

Stripes lace outfit |
Merry Christmas, dreamers! How's your holiday going? I'm still working in the office but I did take a short getaway last two days ;) Stay tuned for the blog post, okay? Let's talk about my outfit in this post!
Stripes lace OOTD |
Wear stripes and lace outift |
Stripes tee and Lace top- H&M // Jeans- Pull and Bear // Shoes- New Look // Sling bag- CosmoGirl! freebie
I've been looking for slip dress for a while and it's still kinda hard to find one at stores. I stumbled upon this lace top at H&M sale section and I thought it'll look cute to wear with t-shirt. So, as simple as that, I bought it along with the stripes tee because they're just match.
Stripes tee lace slip top |
Stripes lace shoes details |
I wore this stripes and lace combination to a blogger gathering before and this time I style it with denim pants from Pull and Bear. Not in the mood to wear sneakers that day, I chose this pair of shoes from New Look instead. This outfit is perfect for you when you want to dress casual but don't want looking too lazy or effortless. 

What will you wear when you're too lazy to dress up?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Monochrome and Colorful

monochrome and colorful |
Hi, dreamers! It's said that if you do what you love, you will never have a problem with Monday. I do love what I'm doing but I still have this sleepy problem every Monday morning, hahaha. Anyway, I don't miss Monday post this week! やった! Scroll to read more ;)
Denim jacket grid culottes denim jacket |
Mickey Tee- Giordano // Denim jacket- Colorbox // Grid Culottes- Unbranded // Slip on- Stradivarius // Sling bag- CosmoGirl! freebie
Also read it on WhatWeLike: Grid Culottes :)
monochrome and colorful outfit grid culottes |
Do you realise that I wear black a lot lately? I used to love wearing anything colorful but as time goes by....I keep buying black clothes. Even my mom told me all of my outfits look the same because of the color. I wore this #officelook outfit to work and my colleague volunteered to take these outfit photos because I just dyed my hair and she said it's too wasted not to take any photos. I wore a Mickey Mouse black tee from Giordano and grid culottes that I bought at a bazaar. It's the best and comfiest outfit to work but actually not that stylish, that's why I grabbed my denim jacket and ready to go. We found this cute colorful background at Kota Kasablanka Mall, I don't even know why we didn't notice it at all before. I took some photos there and some people stared, but I think I'm already immune to it, lol.

What do you think about this outfit? What do you usually wear to office? Leave your answer below, I'd love to know :D

Monday, December 12, 2016


bluish outfit |
Dress- Stradivarius // Outer- Unbranded // Sneakers- Pull and Bear // Backpack- Zara
I was wearing this outfit to a gathering, but it turned out I misread the date. It's written "this Saturday" so I just think it will be on that weekend, but actually the date is supposed to be the next Saturday. It's quite far from where I live and I didn't realize anything until I got there. I felt so bad for my Dad who was taking me there T.T Sad and dumbfounded and embarrassed at the same time, hahaha. Didn't want it to be a waste, I decided to take a quick outfit photos near my house. The location was not really good, a lot of people with motorcycle were passing, that's why I just post one photo here.
I was wearing a polkadot dress (as I wore in this outfit), this time with cold shoulder denim outer. It's supposed to be a denim shirt dress with cut-out slevees but I wore it as outerwear because I thought it'd be cute. I really want to rock another look with it.

Review: Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge 08 Juicy Peony

canmake stay-on balm rouge review |
Hi, dreamers! I decided to write more review about beauty products too here, I'm a newbie in beauty stuff but practice makes perfect right? (I hope so). So here I am, writing a lip product review: Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge. As most of you know (or you will know after reading this ;p) I love Japan so much. I saw this brand in Japanese magazines a lot and finally decided to give it a try.
I actually prefer lip tint than any lipstick, lip cream, lip gloss, or another lip-stuff because I don't like the sticky feeling on my lips. This is the only Japanese brand among my lip products (most of them are Korean brand).
Rather than lipstick, this product is actually like lip balm but with pretty colors. I got mine in 08 Juicy Peony, which is mentioned as eye-catching vivid pink. The packaging itself is quite bulky with plastic, golden cap, and pretty floral pattern. You can simply rotate it from below to use.
canmake stay-on balm rouge review juicy peony |
As you can see, the pink color is pretty vivid. Let's see how the color turns out when applied!
canmake stay-on balm rouge 08 juicy peony swatch |
This is how it looks when applied on my hand. The color appears softer and the texture is pretty creamy. When applied on lips, it glides smoothly even on dry lips. It's quite moisturizing because it contains honey, shea butter, squalane, royal jelly extract, and oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil, and pomegranate oil. It also contains UV protection!
canmake stay-on balm rouge 08 juicy peony on lips |
As you can see on the photo above, it gives glossy finishing but not as shiny as lipgloss. For the staying power, this product is just so-so because it's basically color lip balm, not lip tint or lipstick. This product can be the option when your lips is dry and chapped, but still need some color on it :))

Also read it here: WhatWeLike

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Event Report: Satisfy Your Toys and Games Hunger at Colony Collection Market (CCM) 2016!

Yoo, dreamers! After last outfit post, I’m back with another event report. This event is really suitable for those who love toys and games. You can buy new toys and also exhibit your toys collection here. Yup! It's Colony Collection Market (CCM)! Just like their tagline: a technologized event where toys and games collectors bond, you will meet your fellow toys and games lovers here. The highlight events of CCM are: online and onsite auctions, toys and games tenants, toys and games communities, meet & greet with a lot of guest stars, cosplay (of course), various games tournaments and challenge, etc.
One day ticket cost you IDR 40.000 and IDR 75.000 for 2 days ticket (presales), you need to change it before entering the event. If you buy the ticket on the spot, it's more expensive which is IDR 50.000 and IDR 90.000. BCA is this event's bank partner and sponsor, that's why there's benefit for BCA holder such as: 20% discount for Sakuku user and buy 3 get 4 tickets only for IDR 150.000 promo.
There's floor plan, guest stars list, and event schedule so you check it before entering. Now let's start the tour, shall we? Brace yourself, a lot of photos are coming!
When you first entering CCM, you will see wall of toy photography and @toygraphyid booth. They also hold daily toy photography competition.
You can also meet your favorite cosplayer in signing event, one of them is Saida. She is a Korean cosplayer and colony collective market is the first event that bring her to Jakarta. A lot of her fans were queuing to meet her, get her sign and take photo together (most of them are boys tho.)

Just like any other toy and games event, CCM also presents various stages and when I was there, for example this live painting by an artist of Kcolor, water-based color that can be used for automotive, model kits and stuff.
Next, let's meet these ladies! They're Indonesian #1 gamers led by Nixia, NXA-Lad1es. There are also some tournaments and virtual reality you can try near them.

Strolling around CCM 2016, we found the community area. Various communities of certain anime or character exhibit their figurine collection here. Some of them are One Piece, Dragon Ball, Star Wars, and Gundam. It's a pity that when I was there, some tenants were still empty.
Saw these One Piece figurine collections and I was like "OMG!! It's One Piece, I want it all!!!" I love One Piece so much and I also bought a lot of OP figurine a few years ago T.T
Okay, now really brace yourself because bunch of cute stuff are coming!!

If you want to buy a lot of stuff but don't bring too much cash, no worry! There's BCA booth inside the CCM 2016 so you can draw money to buy the toys you want! :p *succesful in resisting myself*
Anyway, I also visit the BCA booth because of these cute flazz card. I actually already have one with Hello Kitty on it, but cute stuff is the best T.T You can also make your own on their booth, including Tahapan Xpresi, Credit Card, and Sakuku.
I did mention before that if you're Sakuku user, you'll get 20% discount to buy the ticket on the spot (valid for 5000 tickets) . There are more awesome promos going at the event with Sakuku such as:
- Happy Hour discount up to 60% at some tenants with signs from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
- Get a chance to meet world cosplayer Ying Tze and Saida after Rp 150.000 minimum purchase at Colony Collection Market merchants using Sakuku.
- Download, register, and top-up Sakuku at Sakuku booth during the event to get souvenirs.
In this modern era, Sakuku is really practical because you only need your smartphone to go anywhere because you can do a lot things with it like: shopping, paying and splitting your lunch bills with friends, purchase credits, draw the cash, etc. This is why people say they'd rather leave their wallet than their phone, hahaha.

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