Monday, December 12, 2016


bluish outfit |
Dress- Stradivarius // Outer- Unbranded // Sneakers- Pull and Bear // Backpack- Zara
I was wearing this outfit to a gathering, but it turned out I misread the date. It's written "this Saturday" so I just think it will be on that weekend, but actually the date is supposed to be the next Saturday. It's quite far from where I live and I didn't realize anything until I got there. I felt so bad for my Dad who was taking me there T.T Sad and dumbfounded and embarrassed at the same time, hahaha. Didn't want it to be a waste, I decided to take a quick outfit photos near my house. The location was not really good, a lot of people with motorcycle were passing, that's why I just post one photo here.
I was wearing a polkadot dress (as I wore in this outfit), this time with cold shoulder denim outer. It's supposed to be a denim shirt dress with cut-out slevees but I wore it as outerwear because I thought it'd be cute. I really want to rock another look with it.

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