Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hair Color Update: Turquoise x Purple

Hi! Gonna update this blog with my new hair color: turquoise and purple. My bad, I actually dyed my hair exactly one month ago and here I am writing about one month old hair T.T I spent quite much money on this hair but no regret because it turned out so pretty! I dyed my hair at BloBar, a popular salon at Kemang, Jakarta. If you plan to dye your hair, you can ask for Mas Angga (@angga.key). He was so detail in dying my hair and you can see the result in the photos above :)) Anyway, the color faded quite fast in a month and I've lost all the purple color. It became somewhat greeny-blueish now....still good but I want my turquoise-purple hair back *sob*
Please stay tuned for my next outfit posts with this hair! ;)

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