Thursday, May 24, 2018

Food Monster Escape: Amausaan Uji Matcha- Central Park Mall, Jakarta

Hola, Dreamers! It's been a while since my last Food Monster Escape post, right? I'm currently in love with a matcha specialty cafe/ dessert house called Amausan Uji Matcha, located inside Central Park Mall Jakarta, LG floor near BCA ATM. This is the dessert house you must visit when you're longing for Japan, especially Kyoto. All the decorations are screaming Japan- with traditional wood interior, shrine-like exterior, including wish boards and fortune telling corner. The torii in front of it is an instagrammable spot tho!
Before we get inside or take a seat, we should order first. So the sequence will be: order, wait until the waitress call you and show you your seat, enjoy your matcha desserts. Every corner of Amausan Uji Matcha is worth a pic, imo. We can also use those Japanese decorations as photo property, but make sure to return it afterwards.

Actually, I've visited it two times! First time with my friend Ticia and second one with my mom. So, I'm gonna write a short review about all menu that I've tried (it's quite a lot, hehe) and tell you which one that I love the most :)) 

Uji Matcha Ice Bamboo Tube (IDR 52k)
Uji Matcha Ice Bamboo Tube is one of Amausan Uji Matcha signature menu, served in bamboo tube- obviously. It contains shaved ice, shiratama balls (rice cake), red bean, matcha gelato, whipped cream with caramel and roasted rice puff. Even I'm not a fan of whipped cream, I can say that I love it after some bites and I totally love the rice puff. Hands down to the matcha gelato, it's sooo gewd! It still has the bitterness that make it tasted authentic. 

Matsukawa- Raw Matcha Bowl (IDR 62k)
My friend ordered this and I had a bite- it's so matcha! If you're a true matcha lover, you must love this one. With the combination of matcha gelato, red bean, shiratama, and raw matcha jelly, it simply brings you to Kyoto (what?!). The hint of bitterness from matcha gelato and jelly + sweetness from red bean + chewy shiratama = best combo!

Ishida- White Jade Matcha Story (IDR 62k)
I tried this on my second visit, I thought that I must try another dessert so I could write more on this review, hehe. I ordered Ishida- White Jade Matcha Story (what a beautiful name) contains matcha soft-serve, red bean, shiratama (glutinous rice balls), roasted rice puff, and we'll also find a hint of crunchy Japanese crispywafer and vanilla silk pudding inside. All the ingredients create a perfect harmony- tasted super good. But if I have to choose, I actually prefer their matcha gelato. This soft-serve is good, but you can taste more milky matcha rather than "bitter-sweet" matcha. It's personal preference tho :)

Sakura Blossom Roll Cake (IDR 39k)
This roll cake is from their Cherry Blossoms series. I ordered it because I love sakura (lol) and it's available for a limited time only so I just gotta try it. It's roll cake with sakura cream filling and edible sakura flower on the top. I have to say that....I LOVE THIS CAKE! It's so fluffy, soft without tasted too dry, and the filling was just perfect. Not too creamy and not too sweet. The sakura tasted a little bit sour- in a good way. I'm not sure it's still available now tho :(

Overall, it's such a pleasant visit(s) and I know I'm gonna go there again and again. FYI, they imported the matcha from Uji, Kyoto, that's why the authenticity is guaranteed. Based on my palates, I love matcha gelato more than matcha soft-serve, simply because I still can taste the bitterness from their gelato- it just tasted authentic, hahaha. Oh, the price might be pretty expensive for some people but I think it's an equal price for such a high quality matcha desserts. It's a must-visit dessert cafe for matcha lovers in Jakarta ;)

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