Sunday, March 27, 2011

I HAVE finish my school final exams (UAS) , and finally i can feel freedom just for a while because next 3 weeks I'm having National final exams (UAN) . It means , I HAVE TO study ! I don't want to fail , that's why i must study well to face it . I'm really bad in physics and chemistry :'( Wish me luck , please !
After UAN , i will blog more and do a lot of things that i can't do now :D Watching , sewing , reading comics , etc yeyyy

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I recommend you this movie ! Good story , funny , touching . This movie is about an ugly girl who is falling in love with SUPER HANDSOME boy ! Really , Mario Maurer is awesome Photobucket 
For you who haven't watched this movie , better you go buy DVD and watch it xD Give you the trailer :)

I won't tell you the complete story , and you must watch by yourself haha. I love this movie so much :D
Here is Mario Maurer :
I'm falling in love with him ! Photobucket 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coco Pops meets Kitty

Hello ! FYI ,I almost finish my school final exams :) 2 days left . Ganbaruyo !
Last Sunday , my Dad came here (and he went back to Jakarta today) , and he brought me doughnut and also Coco Pops cereals. My bro actually who bought me this . You know why ? Yeaa because there is a Hello Kitty inside . So cute :D Hope you enjoy my pics Photobucket 
Chef Kitty
"Hi , Big Dreamer's readers ! I'm chef Kitty , new nakama of Mey ."
Coco Pops

5 kitty
5 types of Kitty . Okay i actually want that yellow Kitty , but you can't see which one inside the box .
Find 5 differences here (i just could find 4 :p)
Fish eye Kitty
Fish eye effect :p Love this hehe
kawaii from japan
My bestie gave me this :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UAS is upcoming !!!


The practice exams end tomorrow and it means that i have only 4 days to prepare for UAS . Physics is tested on Monday , the first day of UAS , together with bahasa . I'm weak in physics ! T_T And you guess what , my grandpa's birthday is held on Sunday ! Oh God , i'm sure i can't study while my house will full of people =_=
I think i MUST leave the internet for a while , that means also leave this blog , and i just can't do that ! Hopefully my intention is strong enough to stop me touch my laptop . Hoho ;p

P.S = i love the photo above . Taken by myself :D

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shy Boy

Hello there ! :) I love this song recently . Shy boy . Easy listening song and very cheerful . Seems like this is pretty old song , but i just heard it a few days ago in Phoboe & Chloe . Play the video and enjoy the music :)

Lyrics  : Click here !

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami #prayforjapan

I'm really so sad for what happened in Japan , my super favorite place in this entire world :'( I'm seriously #prayforjapan .
And , Tokyo Disney Land is also affected by the earthquake and tsunami , it's flooding . God , i always wish to go here , and now it destroyed T__T I just wish that Japan will recovery soon .
And also for another country , included my country Indonesia . Hopefully we will be safe . God bless us :)
you can read about it and watch the video here

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chococam , Biscam , and My Boredom

I found these 2 super lovely camera when did blog walking , hehe . This is one of the huge reasons i love Japan . They're creative . So much cute stuff there . Feel like wanna buy one !
You can read the product description and the picture sample by clicking the link above :D

And this is about my boredom . I feel so bored to study now while the EXAMS are upcoming . I have only around a week before the School final exam , and really i haven't ready at all . After having that exams for a week , I have only 3 weeks for preparing the super last exams , the National Exam . Of course i don't want to fail , but this laziness monopolize me =_=
I will try not to follow my laziness but it just too difficult haha

Friday, March 4, 2011

Recent edited photos

I lately love all about photography . The camera . Photos . The color , etc . Taking a good photo is not depends on the camera i think , but mostly on the photographer . Wish i could be a photographer in the future ehehe :p

Bought these for me and for my bro Photobucket

Photo taken by Erlin , when we had the class photo session for year book
shoes-Airwalk , shorts-forgotten brand , unbranded plaid shirt , watch-casio , bag-Cath Kidston Photobucket

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Things I ♥ (and WANT !!!)

Here are some of my wish list hauls . I like them , I want them , but I haven't buy them or maybe I just can love them without buy them lol Photobucket
Okay , like the oxford shoes , I want it since long time ago , but I haven't found a suitable one for me . I love the black-white color and the floral print . Wish that I could buy them when i move to Jakarta .Photobucket
Gold bow ring . I'm going to buy one like this , or maybe more . I think bow ring is cute Photobucket

Satchel bag

Oxford shoes (really wish for the floral one)

Tory Burch flats . I want the red one !

Nike Air high top

Reebok X Hello Kitty furry sneakers . super love !Photobucket

I don't know why am i so in love with Lanvin for H&M Photobucket

Diana lomo camera

Yes , you have seen soooo many shoes I want . I love shoes more than clothes or dresses hehe .Photobucket

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Break , please !

Tired ! Tired ! Tired !!! Photobucket
I need break time , really . Now , i'm facing the SUN (simulasi ujian nasional / National exam simulation ) I studied really hard , hope that my score is enough so that my parents won't be called . Tomorrow is the last day of SUN , butttt we continue with practice exam ! Photobucket and after that , the school final exam , andddd 2 weeks after it over , we face the National exam .

I wanna go back to the days i can read the blogs every night , browsing , tumblr , no study for chemistry or physics !


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