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How to Take Photos When Traveling Solo // Japan Solo Travel

How to Take Photos When Traveling Solo | www.bigdreamerblog.comこんにちは, Dreamers! Finally I'm writing a post about one of the most asked question regarding to my solo travel to Japan: how did I take my photos there? Well, all you need is actually a strong will and... shameless personality, lol. Here are some of my tips and tricks I used to take my photos when I was traveling solo in Japan:
How to Take Photos When Traveling Solo - Tripod and Self-Timer | www.bigdreamerblog.comYes, I brought tripod on my backpack and took most of my photos with it. The most important thing is, you must be shameless for the sake of good photos, hahaha. There may be some people who stare but most of them just let you be, because they were busy taking photos/selfie of themselves there. Also, there are a lot of Japanese old people who use tripod so I'm not a strange view at all. Just note that you can't use your tripod everywhere especially indoor. Disney Sea/Land, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, One Piece Tower, won't allow you to use tripod because it'll disturb other people. Please at least ask before you use your tripod, you know, respect :) 
Took this one by set the tripod on the seat table. This only will do if the seat beside you is empty, okay?
Tips: I mostly use self-timer, but you can actually use a remote too. 

How to Take Photos When Traveling Solo - Ask People to Help | www.bigdreamerblog.comSeriously this one is actually the best way you can do to take your photos when traveling solo! From my experience, people are nice enough to help you. Try to ask fellow traveler/tourists, or even offer them some help too because sometimes they can't take group photo without missing one person to take the photos. Some foreigner tourists even offered to help me taking photos without me asking. I was sooo thankful + the photos turned out good! Another thing about asking people, you get to talk with them and it's surprisingly fun, even for an introvert like me. 
Tips: Look for people who bring camera 👌

How to Take Photos When Traveling Solo - Use Surroundings |
If you don't have/bring any tripod (or maybe gorilla pod), you can actually put your camera on any flat/stable surface which can act like a tripod. There were some pics I took with this way, but please note that it may be risky! I put my camera on my suitcase for this photo because I was actually in rush so had no time to set the tripod. 
I took a risk by putting it on a slope surface and that's a bad idea. 

Aha! Get a monopod or even as simple as selfie stick to help you take another level selfie including the view behind you. When you travel, you will see another people bringing their selfie stick to take their own photos, so don't be shy nor thinking about people will stare at you or anything. As long as you get a great shot, right? :p But please be mindful of other people around you if you're gonna use monopod/ tripod. For me, because I didn't bring one, I used my tripod as monopod and it's freakin' heavy, lol. 
I actually lost most of my selfie photos because my phone's memory card is corrupted and ALL THE PHOTOS ARE GONEEE cryyy
Tips: Be creative in finding the angle!

I actually didn't have wide lens or action cam (Xiao Mi, Go Pro, you name it), but it is one of the common way to take photos when traveling solo. It's also convenient since you can control it by your phone, and it includes both you and the beautiful view. You can also maximize your Action Cam to take time lapse video, POV footage, etc. I've been thinking to get myself one, but nah, not now. 
Okay, that's all! When I was editing the photos, I just realized that I mostly asked people to help me take my travel photos 😂😂😂  Anyway, so glad to finally share about this, hope you find this post helpful and don't be shy to ask me any questions about solo traveling to Japan, Dreamers ;) Jaa ne~
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