Thursday, January 25, 2018

Beauty Rush with X2 // X2 Sanso Shadow

Hi, dreamers! This gonna be a quick and short event report since I was too focused and didn't really take many photos. I attended a blogger gathering with X2 and Lakme called "Beauty Rush". Basically there are talk shows, lunch, challenge, and games. of course they're all focused on eyes. The experts told us about the importance of taking care of eyes, especially when we're using soft lens. 
X2 has so many different range of color lens from natural color to bold color such as: My X2 Diary, X2 Glam (which I've made a review about it), X2 Bio, X2 Sanso. 
After talk show and lunch, they told us to try their new launched colors for X2 Sanso: Shadow and Onyx. I got mine in shadow and guess what, I finally found my perfect soft lens color! I thought I'd look good with brown lenses, but turns out I look better with grey color, don't I? 
When we already changed to X2 soft lens, we were having 5 minutes eye makeup challenge with Lakme and here was my result: I use the eyeliner for my signature wing eyeliner and added it with blue color eyeliner + blue eye shadow on below to create casual but bold look. Oh, not to forget to use the mascara for both upper and lower lashes. What do you think about it? xD
I actually have sensitive eyes and it's kinda hard to find a "perfect" soft lens. Surprisingly, X2 lenses are very comfortable and don't cause any irritation. The colors also pretty but natural at the same time. I've used this Sanso one in Cappuccino color before but I love this Shadow color much much more! They also gave me some new lenses in different range, will try them soon ;)

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