Friday, January 5, 2018

Food Monster Escape: Kibo Cheese Cake

Wow, it's been a long time no "Food Monster Escape" post, huh? I kinda miss those days when I love to visit cafe and review them, so here we go! I don't really like cakes, I do eat cake but I seldom crave for it. Well, except cheese cake. There were times a few years ago when I really really craved for some cheese cake but couldn't buy any because only a few shops sold yummy cheese cake. Nowadays, you can find it anywhere and one of them is this molten cheese cake name Kibo Cheese Cake. 

I got voucher from Clozette Indonesia to buy Kibo Cheese Cake, try, and review it in this blog. Before writing this post, I actually already post about their special packaging for Christmas and a quick review (still can be watched on my Instagram saved-story). When I bought the cakes, the staff actually told me that I could only take the mini ones, while I was actually want to buy the large size. 
Kibo cheese cake has 5 flavors: original, salted egg, chocolate, strawberry, and matcha. I bought their original, matcha, and salted egg flavors to try. It's available in two sizes, large and mini. Large one costs around IDR 180k- 200k and mini one costs IDR 30k- 35k depends on the flavors. They also offer value/sharing package, which is 4 mini molten cheese cake for only IDR 100k! What a deal :D

Original Molten Cheese Cake (mini) - IDR 30k
I personally like the original one the most, because it's so cheesy and addicting. Just like they claimed: soft, rich, and molten. This original molten cheese cake has 3 layers of soft souffle nad has delicate melting texture of 5 type of cheeses, rich molten premium cheese cream, and moist buttery sponge. I've tried both warm and cool, and as expected I love eating it cool more. 

Matcha Molten Cheese Cake (mini) - IDR 35k
Kibo Matcha molten cheese cake is made of genuine taste of Japanese matcha with premium cheese and it will never go wrong! Both matcha and cheese flavors are balanced, it tasted pretty good, creamy, not too sweet and a little bit bitter (typical matcha), but can't exceed my love for the original molten! 

Salted Egg Molten Cheese Cake (mini) - IDR 35k
People loves salted egg, that's why you can find a lot of food contains of salted egg as sauce, topping, or... filling. For Kibo salted egg molten cheese cake, it's actually pretty good but it just tasted like...salted egg, lol. You can taste the salted egg much more than the cheese, tasted a little sweet, and just not my style. I personally always feel sick after eating salted egg, so maybe you will find this flavor (super) tasty. 
The cheese cake is sooo soft and creamy so you need spoon to eat it. Luckily I read anakjajan's blog post before, so I knew the trick to cut the cake. We need to pre-heat the knife by dipping it into hot water, dry it with tissue, then cut the cake. It's really easier that way. I love my cheese cake to be cool, but if you prefer warm one you can put it in microwave around 15-20 seconds to enjoy it with melting cheese :9
Kibo Cheese Cake has some outlets in Jakarta, such as: PIK Avenue (Foodtown Dotonbori, 2nd floor), Kota Kasablanka (UG floor), and Grand Indonesia (3A floor, Sky Bridge). Worry not, if you're mager or too lazy, you can order it via Go-Food, super convenient! Go try your Kibo Cheese Cake, now :))

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