Monday, August 29, 2016


Tee- Ten Dencies // Ripped jeans- Lois DIY // Backpack- Jansport // Sneakers- Reebok Classic
Hi again, dreamers! Just got 2 hours of sleep last night and I should sleep now but I decided to update this blog first. This post is dedicated for my love for Tokyo (because everything with "Tokyo" on it will catch my eyes). Wore super casual and laid back outfit because I just went to Mall Ambassador to take my laptop after some services (old laptop is old). Still, I was so prepared because I actually brought my camera with me, hahaha. I forced my dad to take my outfit photos- because I planned to, and high places are the best! The photos turned out nice ;p
Anyway, I just want to say something here. I felt a little down a few weeks ago because of this and that, but after some me-time and solo adventure, I finally feel better...kind of. It's like I found myself again after some distractions, knowing what's important and what's not. Which one to defend and which one to just let go. I will blog more, of course. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

5 Hairstyles For Your Short Hair

I've prepared this post months ago, when my hair was still short and the pink/purple color still vibrant. My bad, I post this when I already have this medium-length-need-a-haircut hair and the color has turned into rose gold (?). Here are 5 hairstyles for your short hair, hope you like it!

Messy Bun

I always do this hairstyles when I'm working, especially when I'm stressed with my works, but I actually tie it super messy including my bangs (which is not really pretty, haha). That's why I give you this prettier version: take half of your hair and spin it into bun, then tie it with your favorite hair tie.

Girly Touch
This style goes best with girly outfit! Instead of let your hair down, try to spin some of your hair to the back and clip it with bow or ribbon hairclip.

Flip It
This was my favorite hairstyle when I was still in elementary school. My friend taught me about this hairstyle. Just tie half of your hair, make a 'hole' by separating hair on the tied-hair base, then pull the tied-hair trough the hole.

Side Braid
This one is kinda Harajuku style hairdo and you need some efforts and patience for this, hahaha. Start the braid from left side, start braiding three strands then replace one of them with new strands of hair, continue this process until you reach the end of your hair (or your desired end).

Okay, fifth hairstyle was actually not planned. I bought a pair of skeleton hand hair clip at Popcon Asia last week and asked my friend to take photo of it. Then I decided to include it in this post. So, this is my current hair condition ;)
That's all, I hope you enjoy this post!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Art, Eat, Stripes, and Denim

art, eat, stripes, and denim |
art, eat, stripes, and denim outfit |
Crop top- H&M // Denim jacket- Colorbox // Skirt- Unbranded // Slip-on- Stradivarius
art, eat, stripes, and denim closeup |
This is what I wore to Konsula event a few weeks ago. Decided to wear something timeless and classic, which was stripes crop tank top and denim jacket. I didn't plan to take outfit photos but turned out I met a blogger friend who wanted to take outfit photos too, hahaha. So we took each other photos and we shamelessly asked a photographer there to take our #OOTD ;p As expected of photographer, I love these photos! The event was held at Ruci's Joint and it's a cozy place with some arts and nice spots to take photos. I want to do cafe-hopping and hunt awesome places to take outfit photos so badly...
Anyway, you can also see my other outfit wearing this denim jacket in this post: Assassination Classroom ;) Jaa ne!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Style Crush: Fanning Sisters

Before new outfit post, I want to write about my latest style crush first: The Fanning Sisters. I love their laid-back yet stylish outfits, and what I love the most is the way they wear most of their outfits with sneakers. FYI, I just love the combination of dress and sneakers too much. I actually write more about them on my WhatWeLike blog, so I will give you the link below :) Please kindly visit, hehe.
This is one of the outfits that I'll surely wear. I said to myself "I need a mini sling bag like that.", I actually see this kind of sling bag at Old Navy. Pay day come faster, please ;p More about her outfits to steal here: 5 Outfits of Dakota Fanning
I just love this outfit. So much. The way she wears it with leather jacket and girly pink bag and white sneakers is I also recap some of her stylish outfit in this post: 5 Outfits of Elle Fanning

Jaa, see you on my next post! ;)

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