Monday, March 26, 2018

#japobsOOTD: Not Your Boyfie

Sweatshirt, Pants- Bershka // Sneakers- Stradivarius // Sling Bag- Zara
Here is a quick update about my another casual outfit I wore to my friend's wedding! I don't own any "proper" dress for wedding party so I mostly wear something casual. I think this outfit looks so boyish, an outfit that can be worn by men, don't you think so? I'm in love with this mock neck sweatshirt tho ;) Oh, people told me that I look like Red Velvet's Seulgi here, lolol. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

3 Ways to Wear White T-shirt and Jeans

Hi, Dreamers! I love wearing white t-shirt with jeans lately. I used to avoid wearing white t-shirt because I thought it'd make me look dull, but idk why these days I think it looks good on me, which also effortlessly chic. Long story short, I decided to make a post about my own 3 ways to wear white t-shirt with jeans bottoms ;) 

White t-shirt + Midi Button Up Skirt + Sandals
Wore this to one of blogger event a few weeks ago, I wore plain white t-shirt with midi button up skirt. I've been eyeing for this kind of denim skirt for quite long time and finally got one, for free! (I won some challenge at IG) To complete the look, I chose my new black sandals and blue bucket bag. Oh, I also wore hoop earrings, since it can give an instant touch to make outfits much more stylish, hahaha. 

White T-shirt + Button Up Skirt + Sneakers + Bandana
Basically this style similar with the previous one, only with shorter button up skirt and bandana as scarf. I didn't want my white t-shirt + denim skirt combo being too plain, so I also added double head buckle belt. To complete the look, I wore my favorite glittery sneakers. 

White Graphic T-shirt + Mom Jeans + Sneakers
You can see how these 2 items can create an effortlessly stylish and chic look, right? Tuck your white t-shirt inside mom jeans and wear sneakers for 90s look. I intentionally made my hair messy tho, was too lazy to brush nor straighten it :p

Monday, March 12, 2018

CNY 2018 in Pontianak

HAPPY SUNDAY! Gonna update about a little escape diary to Pontianak to celebrate Chinese New Year 3 weeks ago. Finally after years (I think 5 or 6?) I decided to go back to my hometown to celebrate CNY with my grandparents and siblings from my mom's side. The CNY in Pontianak, especially the CNY's Eve is usually wayyyy more festive than Jakarta. I took day off from office for 2 days and spent total of 5 days in Pontianak. It was freakin' hot, just like always. Enough of blabbering, enjoy my photo diary of what I did, what I wore, and what I ate there ;)
I was living with my grandparents before moving to Jakarta and reuniting with my mom, dad, and bro.
My bro also went back to Pontianak. Here are some of my cousins ;)
Also met up with some high school friends, had a good time and good laugh, lol.

As you can see I just wore that one shoes/sandals everywhere. It's new shoes that I bought from Hijack Sandals, pretty expensive but it's super comfy so worth it lah. Note that Pontianak is super hot, so I can't bring myself to wear something "too much", hahaha. These outfits are the most "niat" outfit I've ever worn in Pontianak tbh. 

*brace yourself!
Kwe Kia Theng 
Pork porridge is my all time favorite! I ate 2 days in a row, by myself. Oh no, I'm craving for it now :(
This one is called Chai Kue, or known as Choi Pan in Jakarta. 
Tahu Hue and Ce Hun Tiau (both desserts)
Lek Tau Swan

Some Insta-stories about what I ate :9

That's all! Pontianak offers the best culinary, omg. Something that always makes me miss it + gaining weight super fast, hahaha. I usually eat more that this but due to Chinese New Year, many of the restaurants especially Chinese ones were not opened. Gonna be back for my Bakso Ikan!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Event Report: #HeavenlyBlushGreekSecret - Greek Secret to Stay Full Longer

Hi, Dreamers! I'm gonna tell you about my favorite yogurt brand today, it's Heavenly Blush! They started as a frozen yogurt brand (when fro-yo was a thing) and expanded their products to ready-to-drink yoguruto, yogurt bar, to Greek yogurt. I was so glad to be invited as one of the bloggers to attend this event held at William's Casual Dining, it's about their new campaign #HeavenlyBlushGreekSecret to introduce and educate Indonesian people about the benefits of Greek yogurt.  
| So, what's so special about Greek Yogurt and what differentiate it from another yogurt?  
Dr. dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK explained about the importance of eating and living healthy, which can be helped by consuming yogurt. Basically Greek yogurt contains lower carbohydrate and sugar + 2x higher protein than other yogurt. Protein in Greek yogurt takes longer to be digested, so it can make you feel full longer. You can also use Greek yogurt in your breakfast menu or snacks. Yummy yet healthy and good for your diet, Dreamers~
Next, Ivonne Aryanti as Marketing Director of Heavenly Blush told us that they were the first brand that introducing Greek yogurt's benefit to Indonesian market since 2015 and they will keep that commitment to always be wellness yogurt specialist!
Ivonne also explained that Greek is one of the country with longest life spans thanks to its healthy lifestyle and food, including the greek yogurt. Heavenly Blush knew about that and want to bring those benefits to Indonesia, therefore they invented ready-to-eat and ready-to-drink greek yogurt for you as healthy and guilty-free snacks which can make you stay full longer, known as "Greek Secret to Staying Full Longer." Their ready-to-drink Greek Yogurt is the first greek yogurt in tetrapack packaging in Southeast Asia, which you can bring and drink anywhere. Another one is their ready-to-eat greek yogurt in a cup, including various toppings and spoon inside. Its 3 Little Compartments Cup won at WorldStar Packaging Awards, fyi.
Arya Gondhowiardjo said that Greek has been known for its Mediterania diet method, which also including Greek yogurt, fruits, veggies, beans, olive oil, and another healthy ingredients as the menu. That's why Heavenly Blush want to invited you to find the secrets directly from its origin- Santorini. They installed some BLUE DOOR at some strategic public spaces in Jakarta, when you find it, you can take photos there :))
Another guest who was invited is Jennifer Bachdim, she is a well-known healthy lifestyle influencer/blogger. Jennifer shared some of her favorite way to keep her healthy lifestyle while living her busy life (working and being a wife + mom of 2). She never skips breakfast and workout everyday, and she also said that her favorite breakfast is greek yogurt with various fruits. It was a short sharing session, I wished we had more hahaha. 
After the talkshow, we continued to the next exciting activity: making smoothie bowl with this pretty chef; Putri Miranti. It's not your average smoothie bowl, we're gonna make Mermaid Smoothie Bowl, because she said Unicorn was so last year, hahha. Basically it's banana smoothie bowl but in blue color. Hm, how cute is that? Heavenly Blush Greek Yogurt was one of the main ingredients here, it's easy to make at home. You just need frozen banana, blend it with greek yogurt, add some soy milk (if it's too solid), and some maple syrup for your liking. 
Last but not least, Heavenly Blush will invite us to search the secret of Greek Yogurt at Santorini for FREE!! Mereka bakal ngajak 30 pemenang buat cari rahasia ke Santorini bareng-bareng. Caranya juga mudah, tinggal beli produk Heavenly Blush seharga IDR 100.000, trus upload foto kamu bareng produk dan juga foto struknya, trus tag deh ke media sosial Heavenly Blush. Untuk info lebih lengkap kamu bisa cek ke websitenya ya:
I also got goodie bag contains of Heavenly Blush Greek Yogurt and my favorite Tummy Yogurt Bar! :))
Thanks for having me!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Guide to Chase Cherry Blossom in Japan + 2018 Forecast

Guide to Chase Cherry Blossom in Japan Blog |
Ohayo, Dreamers! Who has cherry blossom dream like me? I've finally reached that dream although I don't think I can stop dreaming about another one. My trip to Japan last year (21 March to 3 April) was actually one week too early to catch the full bloom of Sakura. I took that decision because I thought Kansai area would already bloom at that time and also....the ticket price was like 2 mio cheaper. Like it's not enough, the weather was quite bad (raining all the time) and it's also one of the elements that matter to the bloom time. So, don't make mistake like mine (well, not quite a mistake tho, I loveeed it) and do more research about the cherry blossom forecast! I will also give you a little guide to chase cherry blossom in Japan in this post! :)

Best time to Chase Cherry Blossom in Japan |
Actually the best time to visit Japan for chasing Cherry Blossom is from end of March to early April. Like, really the end of the month, not (more than) one last week of the month like me, hahaha. Can you imagine how sad I was when I had to leave Japan when the sakura was full bloomed? I can literally see pink color along the train ride. CRY! :))  I think starting from 27 March is okay. Also note that the bloom is usually starting from the bottom area to the top area of Japan (from Okinawa to Kyushuu to Kansai to Kanto to Hokkaido). Actually, you can catch the early bloom Sakura at Kawazu area.
To make this guide to chase Cherry Blossom post more complete, I'm gonna give the 2018 Cherry Blossom forecast ;)
2018 Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast |
Also read this: Enjoying Spring in Japan
There are a lot of great spots to see Cherry Blossom/ Sakura / doing Hanami with your travel mates/family. I really want to experience Hanami next time, it looks fun but I was traveling alone so I couldn't do that. I'd be awkward, lol. So, I actually couldn't visit many places because the Sakura hadn't bloomed yet. I did catch some at Osaka Castle but Kyoto? Nope. Most of my Cherry Blossom moments were in Tokyo. I also missed some spots (as I went to Disneyland and Disney Sea for 2 days) but worry not, still gonna tell you those spots I missed :p

Meguro River
The Cherry Blossom at Meguro River is definitely my favorite!!! I may sound exaggerating but I felt like crying when I saw those Sakura along the river and couldn't feel more grateful for having that chance. It's really really beautiful (although it's also freaking cold, haha!) and it's not even full bloomed yet. You will find a lot of snacks stalls too along the road, I bought grilled sausage + martini and omg it's the best combo to enjoy while staring at those Sakura, lol. Such a shame I lost the photo :(

Ueno Park
Hands down to Ueno Park, it's that well-known Cherry Blossom spot everyone knows. It's beautiful, filled with more than 1000 sakura trees, in pink and white color, but I had one problem. It's TOO CROWDED! I barely could walk and enjoying the flowers.

To avoid crazy crowd, you should visit it early in the morning, like 6 A.M. *slapped* 😂😂 Like the other Cherry Blossom spots, Ueno Park also offers a massive food/snacks/merchandise area! I ate a lot but ended up lose all the photos because my phone's memory card is broken.

Shiba Park
Shiba Park may not be the popular Cherry Blossom spot and I actually accidentally found it when I was strolling around from Tokyo Tower to find Zojo-ji Temple. It looks like a school park you can see at anime/manga, surrounded by Sakura trees, and some youngsters had Hanami there with their friends. You can also see Tokyo Tower from here. So sad I didn't take proper photos because my camera was dead :(

Shinjuku Gyoen
Photo by: @avisislamy 
Shinjuku Gyoen is also a great spot to see cherry blossom, it even had some early bloom but unfortunately I didn't make it here. I didn't include it in my itinerary and I also couldn't insert it somewhere during the trip. My friend who visited it earlier is kind enough to give me some of his pics so I can show you guys ;) It's an early bloom, as you can still see some of the green leaves.

This spot is actually one of my must-see cherry blossom spot but I couldn't visit it in the end. It's quite far and somehow I didn't want to go there alone, hahaha. I want to be with someone (friend or whoever) because I want to ride the boat. Too scared to ride it alone 😂😂

Yoyogi Park
Yoyogi Park is near Harajuku, around 5 minutes walk from Harajuku station. I visited Harajuku 2 times and yet didn't make it to Yoyogi Park (nor Meiji Shrine), ha! It's also one of the best spot to enjoy Cherry Blossom while doing Hanami or picnic. Next time, Yoyogi, next time.

💖 Too see more spots to chase your Cherry Blossom experience in Tokyo, you can visit this Japan Guide page: Tokyo Cherry Blossom Spots
Yep! I found a lot of Sakura trees accidentally while strolling around or walking from guest house to the train station. One of my most favorite find is this Sakura tree in front of a house (yes, a house) at Uguisudani area.
It was raining, it was freaking cold but I couldn't resist to stop and taking bunch of pics until my hands froze. Rain drops at Sakura petals? Sugoi!
Actually, when Sakura is in its full bloom period, you can easily find it everywhere! You may not enjoy it to the fullest, you can't do Hanami, but at least you see the real Sakura tree in front of you with your own eyes, lol. The rule is simple tho, you see Sakura, you take picture :))
Cherry Blossom in Osaka
I was too early for cherry blossom in Kansai Area, but I was lucky enough to see some at Osaka Castle Park, which you can read more at this post: Guide to Osaka Castle
Okay, that's it for this guide to chase cherry blossom in Japan! I hope this post can be helpful and enjoyable ;) I also made some pics you can pin to your Pinterest board below ;)

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