Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Blogger is Me

HOLA ! :D I have nothing to post err.... So show you these hahhaha . Say hello to my tazmania tee !
Having my new hair cut . I think I should let it grows longer now . No more layering , hehe
I have twins ! :p

Okay I know this is so random.... -__-

Still 7 subjects to go on my final exams . Next week I have exams schedule from Monday to Thursday ... I didn't do really well on PTM exam , I just studied the theory from some questions that was said will out on the exam . And guess what , from 5 questions I just could do 3 of them well , and the another 2 questions , I answered it randomly based on my own concept huahaha :p The questions given and what I've studied was not same grrr! Then for the practice exam , I was asked to make a web about BlackBerry using Dream Weaver , web banner by using photoshop , and animation banner using Flash ............. My.Web.Failed ! T_T I didn't know what's wrong because I thought I've done everything right , so I just wish it would be okay when the lecturer opens it .
Gotta fight for next 7 subjects ! Last week of first semester :) Anddddd will get my DSLR next week !! So enthusiastic hehe :D But the sad news is.....I don't go to Pontianak on this short holiday :'( Must be patient until the long holiday , on July :( I miss hometown to the max already T__T

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time Is Ticking So Fast

 Hi there ! Long time no post :( I went home in Jakarta last week , no internet connection no blogging :p My Mom is in Pontianak , my hometown . I can't go to Pontianak because I have to take my final exam . Yeeesss I will end my first semester soon . Wish I can do the exams well !
The outfit photo was taken around 2 weeks ago in Grand Indonesia , I wore my-super-fav sweater from Forever21 bought when I went to Singapore :D The denim skirt is my online shop item , I just sell it via BBM Group for now :) See the bag I use ? It's a satchel bag from Bugis Market Singapore . Love it so much ! ^^
Okay , gotta study for my exams ! Wish me luck readers ;)

Happy Chinese New Year anyway ! Better late than never guys :p

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MBLAQ - 100% Ver. - It's War

Yeay for MBLAQ comeback !!! ^^ I miss them so badly :D I love them so much , they always change in every comeback :)
Check out the (super cool) MV :
hi there ! I'm really busy these weeks :(( So I will seldom update this blog . We have class project to make a giant pop-up :) Wish us luck ^^

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year , New Me (?)

top - Mango Disney | shorts - colorbox | bag & watch - bugis | flats - crocs
Last Sunday I went to Plaza Senayan to buy magazines . Yes I bought 3 -__- And I got my very first Used Mix :D After that , I went to Central Park to watch the fireworks . It's awesome !
And I wanna tell you that my mom's camera memory card is BROKEN !! OMG I can't take photos at Singapore and the photos that have been taken is can't be copied as well ! It's driving me crazy :(((
Back to reality , back to university life ! I HAVE TO DO A BUNCH OF ASSIGNMENTS ! I just finished one assignment , and have to do another one but I'm so bored so I'm posting this hehhee :p 
Okay , gotta do it now ! Bye :)

P.S : I just changed my Header and background ! ^^

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