Thursday, May 31, 2012

Artwork : Some doodles/illustrations

I find this interesting :)) I love sketching outfit ideas/inspiration from myself or people on lookbook, blogs, magz , etc . I still have some illustrations to show you , but my local disk is full (i don't know why , seems like it's because of viruses) and I can't even upload photos -__- I took these from my facebook . I still learning to do this better and better , I want to be a fashion illustrator someday ! :)
1. Just some doodles when I was bored 
2. I saw this look on Fashiolista and love it so much
3. Sketched this when I was waiting in the bank. The right hand is so weird . It's my friend actually
4. My old sketch, put on some colors (Tried my new watercolor, hehe)

P.S = I think to change my blog URL to , what do you think ? I'm afraid people can't find my blog if I change it :p

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby Good Night , Dancing in the Moonlight

just ignore my weird smile , please ! hahahaha
unbranded shirt and shorts // charles&keith flats // Insight bag
lovepoly bracelet my mom bought me :D
tried this dress , I love the floral print so much x)
FINALLY ! FINALLY ! Finally own a red blazer yeay !
my very first converse :))
Last week's outfit . Just wore a simple outfit because that day I just finished a photoshoot and it was so tiring . I went to GI to meet my auntie and my cousins and stayed at Kempinski Hotel . Finally bought the black converse :D The next day , I went to Forever 21 (the most fav brand ever) and thought to buy a blazer . I almost bought the soft pink blazer before I went to the lower level and the red blazer caught my eyes hahaha . I haven't worn it yet , because I can't went to Jakarta this week (or maybe the next 2 weeks) because of uni assignments :((
And the video above is B1A4's new MV , I love the song ! :D

Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Simple Outfit Post

Forever21 playsuit // H&M cardigan // Coach bag // Gosh shoes // Snidel watch
With my brother :))
I love bakso (meatball) too much x)
My dinner , Sirloin Fried Rice :9
Took these photos 2 weeks ago (If I'm not mistaken) , and just post it now . I'm kinda busy because of assignments , and I'm not feeling well right now :( This week is full of classes , assignments , and replacement classes . I can't go home again this week . Although I went to Jakarta yesterday , I wasn't home because I stayed at Kempinski hotel to accompany my cousin . 
Anyway , I got 2 things I wished for a pretty long time . Will show you on next post ! :))

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Chaser

Dress - N.y.l.a // Flats - Crocs // Bag - Longchamp
Hi ! Finally an outfit post ! :)
I wore this to Central Park last last Sunday . I don't usually wear dress , I love wearing skirt but I'm not confident enough to wear dress , especially the sleeveless dress (or top) . I think my arms are so big , aren't they ? ;(  Sometimes I want to ignore it and just be confident with anything I wear , but it's just difficult hahaha :p
I ate Omo! Chicken that day ! It's a Korean restaurant . The spicy chicken wings and anchovy rice balls (and fruit punch) are my favorite menu ! :D
I love black and white photograph , and try to upload some of them . I took these pics with my DSLR , then make them B&W by Photoscape . I think B&W photograph is awesome . I wanna learn how to make the photo(s) still look great without any color ! :)

And this is the newest MV of Infinite ! The Chaser :D

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Artwork : "How to" Illustration

This is also my illustrations assignment . We're asked to make "how to" illustration . So , I made "how to mix and match sneakers" because I love sneakers ! :D I love to draw something related to fashion , fyi :)
Actually I've uploaded the pics above last night , but I was too sleepy and decided to sleep . 

I must work on Digital-Publishing task now , but I'm really not into it -__- I don't have InDesign software in my laptop , I tried to download the portable version and it's failed . I really need a new laptop :'( I'm gonna make the cover by using Photoshop and finish it on the iMac lab tomorrow . Hopefully . Haaaah I have a lot of assignments to do !!! Stressed out :((

Friday, May 11, 2012

Artwork : Collage and Illustration

These are my illustration class assignments , I made collage from magazine with one tone color , and also made an illustration from the collage . We were asked to choose one of some popular illustrator's style , and I chose Micca . I love her simple yet adorable illustrations :)
What do you think about this ?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another super-duper-busy uni life

I'm back to my super-duper-busy uni life . A lot of things to do , bunch of assignments , and this is really drives me crazy . All things become harder than before . I think my time management is just too bad :( 
I have a lot of things to blog about , so please stay tuned :) I'm gotta finish all my duty first . See ya !

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Write this while doing my illustration assignment

Yesterday, I did this , we were asked to make illustration from collage that we'd made . This spot has been my favorite workspace these days , hehe :p
My new toy ! Bought this by my own money .
Mixing the color for my illustration's background .
Super messy workspace -__-
Love this pic , dunno why hehe ;p
My first watercolor fashion illustration ! Still not good :(
I got this from a canteen owner , haha . She gave me free :D
Hot chocolate in new HiLo mug :9
Will show you the final result on next post ! I wish I can get good score :D
I haven't do my shopping bag design assignment and it's 12:10 A.M now ! I have class on 8 tomorrow !
BYEEE ! :*

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