Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Chaser

Dress - N.y.l.a // Flats - Crocs // Bag - Longchamp
Hi ! Finally an outfit post ! :)
I wore this to Central Park last last Sunday . I don't usually wear dress , I love wearing skirt but I'm not confident enough to wear dress , especially the sleeveless dress (or top) . I think my arms are so big , aren't they ? ;(  Sometimes I want to ignore it and just be confident with anything I wear , but it's just difficult hahaha :p
I ate Omo! Chicken that day ! It's a Korean restaurant . The spicy chicken wings and anchovy rice balls (and fruit punch) are my favorite menu ! :D
I love black and white photograph , and try to upload some of them . I took these pics with my DSLR , then make them B&W by Photoscape . I think B&W photograph is awesome . I wanna learn how to make the photo(s) still look great without any color ! :)

And this is the newest MV of Infinite ! The Chaser :D

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