Thursday, May 31, 2012

Artwork : Some doodles/illustrations

I find this interesting :)) I love sketching outfit ideas/inspiration from myself or people on lookbook, blogs, magz , etc . I still have some illustrations to show you , but my local disk is full (i don't know why , seems like it's because of viruses) and I can't even upload photos -__- I took these from my facebook . I still learning to do this better and better , I want to be a fashion illustrator someday ! :)
1. Just some doodles when I was bored 
2. I saw this look on Fashiolista and love it so much
3. Sketched this when I was waiting in the bank. The right hand is so weird . It's my friend actually
4. My old sketch, put on some colors (Tried my new watercolor, hehe)

P.S = I think to change my blog URL to , what do you think ? I'm afraid people can't find my blog if I change it :p

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